The process of opening up to the various spiritual realms connected with human life through our conscious understanding was called by Steiner 'Anthroposophy', or a 'wisdom of humanity'. It can enable the individual human being to find an orientation in life, and brings new impulses to all areas of our culture and civilization. Through this, many significant persons have found the means to give new and fruitful dimensions to their cultural accomplishments and social works.

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Kristine Hunt's personal page, with musings about parenting, anthroposophy, Waldorf education, personal development.
The Archives of Stanley Messenger
Seven anthroposophical articles by the mystic, philosopher, cereologist, metaphysician, and elder Stanley Messenger of Glastonbury.
Anthroposophy and Goethean science. The entire astronomy cycle by Rudolf Steiner consisting of eighteen lectures.
Goetheanum Dornach
Represents the headquarters of the Anthroposophical Society in Dornach, Switzerland. Web tour of the building, introduction to Rudolf Steiner, cultural events, and library.
The Jaerna Bridge
Information from and about the anthroposophic community in Jaerna, Ytterjaerna and Sweden, with links to anthroposophy worldwide.
The Mystica: Anthroposophy
Comprehensive article on Anthroposophy.
Outlaw Anthroposophy
A very different look at the practice of Anthroposophy.
Planetary Qualities
Rudolf Steiner's view on the planets and their qualities. An illustrated introduction to the anthroposophically oriented "new astronomy".
Rudolf Steiner's Planetary Seals
Illustrations of Steiner's seven planetary seals with an animation showing their transitions.
Skylark Books
Over 200 Rudolf Steiner books plus other anthroposophical authors, Healing Herbs Bach flower remedies, remedy sets and storage boxes, plus homoeopathic remedies and books available on-line.
Spiritual Science Review
The Italian anthroposophist Bruno Abrami's English language webpage with assistance from Mark Willan. Clairvoyance and chakras, beautiful graphics.
Nonprofit North American publisher of anthroposophical books by Rudolf Steiner and others. New books, forthcoming titles, complete catalogs. Cross-reference list of books that have appeared under different titles. Order online, by phone, fax, or mail.
Youth Section
The Youth Section organizes seminars, study groups and international conferences throughout the world; it supports initiatives, facilitates internships, and conducts research on global youth issues.

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