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His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence.
Brown, Peter
Peter uses a direct approach to "noticing" the subtle nature of consciousness and reality as an ingress to our genuine nature. The goal of which is a joyful disintegration of false beliefs.
Elkrief, Noah
Shows people how to live in peace by helping people to disbelieve the thoughts that create suffering.
Enlightenment, by Nick Roach
An enlightened teacher in Surrey, UK. Includes articles and contact information.
Ganaji offers articles, audio recordings, and videos to help people to shift their allegiance from the activities of their mind to the eternal presence of one's true nature.
Gary Weber
Gary Weber helps people to awaken and stop the self-referential internal narrative by realizing that the "I" doesn't exist.
Greg Goode
Are you seeking inner peace, the meaning of life, contemplating your true nature? Nondual inquiry (self-inquiry) is a fast and direct direct route to peace and clarity on these issues.
Griffin, Mark - Hard Light Center Of Awakening
A meditation teacher and spiritual community located in Los Angeles, CA. Site contains articles, information about this teacher and a schedule of events.
Humanistic Spirituality
A series of spiritual wellness teachings and practices for leading a more grounded and fulfilling life.
Jacobson, Leonard
Spiritual teacher, mystic and healer. Contains information about this teacher's books, tapes, seminars and newsletter.
Jed Mckenna
Jed helps people to awaken. He says, "The point is to wake up, not to earn a Ph.D. in waking up."
Jeff Foster
Discover the natural happiness that you are, the in-built contentment that doesn’t depend on the content of your life.
Lisa Cairns
Lisa talks worldwide with people about non-duality. Oneness. The aliveness that always is – no matter what is imagined in it – subject/object, good/bad, right/wrong, beauty/ugly, me/you.
Macpherson, Miranda
A non-dual spiritual teacher drawing on teachings of Ramana Maharshi, a course in miracles & mystic traditions.
Meyers, Canela Michelle
A teacher of self acceptance. Details on Satsang meditation, ReiKi therapy. Profile and writings.
Mooji is the direct disciple of Sri Poonja (Papaji). This site helps people to have the recognition and direct experience of Being.
Helps people to directly perceive reality without the constant commenting and comparisons of mind.
Nehrer, Thomas Daniel - Essence of Reality
Reveals illusions stemming from common beliefs and assumptions.
Oshana, Dave
Articles and dialogues from a modern teacher who uses Neo-Advaita theory along with techniques from other traditions. Egroup discussions available.
Satsangs, retreats and interviews.
Radiant Spirit International
Organization dedicated to the Enlightenment of our world through the grace of becoming fully Enlightened Radiant Masters.
Rupert Spira
Shares his views and experiences related to non duality, meditation, consciousness and awareness.
Shanti Mayi
Features information and teachings of the guru, including bhajans and lectures (.WAV and RealAudio format).
Spero, David
The teachings of self realized teacher David Spero.
Spiritual Teacher Guide
A personal site with reviews of spiritual teachers, information about choosing a spiritual teacher and a message board.
Sumner, Peter
An Australian spiritual mentor. Contains information about the teacher and an email subscription service for daily insights.
Tony Parsons
His website reveals the way in which seeking for fulfilment can only reinforce the sense of continuously reaching out for something that has never been lost.
Wolstenholme, Ian
Know yourself, be free of suffering, participate in the expansion of consciousness.
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