Palmistry is the ancient practice of extracting information from lines and features on the human palm. As old as civilization, palmistry can be classified into Chiromancy, which is the art of divination and predicting the future from markings on the palm, as well as Chirology, which is a more modern take on the subject and attempts to look at it from a scientific and experimental viewpoint.

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Uses two of the oldest psychic disciplines, Hindu Palmistry and Vedic Astrology, for readings of events in life.
Descriptions and illustrations of lines, marks, and hills of the palm. Also includes click-through automated reading.
Gabriel Peramal Gaul
Offers palmistry reading via email. [English and Malay]
Gary Markwick
Offers readings and courses in palmistry and reiki.
Information about using the hand as a diagnostic tool, including an analysis of handedness, autism, and the problems with the public perception of palmistry.
Variety of information about the human hands including palmistry, reflexology, medical information and martial arts.
Institute of Palmistry
Promotes the scientific analysis of palmreading, with free trial offer, readings and bookshop.
It's All in Your Hands
Hand analysis is palmistry for the new millennium. Find out what your hands reveal, identify strengths and natural advantages, and learn how to do hand analysis with tutorials.
Kosmic Konnection
Kat Anders offers details of her palm reading services, together with online lessons, FAQs, sample reading and information about her credentials.
Madam Carolyn
A psychic palmist, tarot and crystal ball reader who does Renaissance festivals and reads online or by mail, phone, or fax.
MTrue's Mystery Palm
Offers email consultations from scanned palm images. Also features a weekly sample reading, palmistry facts and life line interpretations.
Palm Reading
Basic information on reading palms.
The Palmistry Center
Comprehensive site offering palmistry products, service and information.

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