Sites pertaining to the application of the text of the classic or to speculation beyond material about I Ching itself or its history of a theoretical nature.

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Accessing Your Inner Creator
The creative process as a spiritual act. Links creativity with various cosmologies, traditions and systems theory. Innovative, synergistic and original.
Alchemical Mandala
This mandala is a map of overlapping belief systems and information, created in an effort to reconcile them all.
Becoming-Being Complementarity, by Bo Moun
An essay elaborating the account of the Yin-Yang metaphysical vision of the Yijing. This essay explores the perspectives of Yijing, their Yin-Yang guiding principle, as well as the principle's historical, metaphysical and methodological significance.
Eco-I Ching
The I Ching, because it is a philosophy that only observes nature and predicates no elevated descriptive characteristics about nature, is an ecologically sound guide to human action.
The Eight Squared I Ching Page
Terrence Payne's essay exploring the structure and ordering principles of the I Ching. Its focus is on familial relationships between the hexagrams, and features links to previous papers. Book of Thoth presentation.
Geometry of the I Ching
This site gives a new arrangement of the I Ching's 64 hexagrams that leads to a simple description of their natural group of transformations.
I Ching Integration
Exploring possible uses for I Ching beyond divination in an attempt to integrate them. Language, mathematics, symbolism studies, magic, and divination to boot.
Unveiling the mystery of The I Ching
Providing a guide to the understanding of the Book.
Use of the I Ching in the Analytic Setting
Dennis Merritt, a Jungian analyst, describes how to use the I Ching as part of the psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic process in this abridged article from the first international conference on Jungian Psychology and Chinese Culture, 1998, and later translated in 2001.
Yijing Wondering and Wandering, by Schorre and Dunne
A search for meaning in Yijing by Jane Schorre and Carrin Dunne, published by Arts of China Seminars. "Yijing Wondering and Wandering" will, over time, be published online at this site. It is divided into 2 portions and shares the results of meditation and the insights perceived in contemplating of the ancient oracle over an extended period.
Yin Yang Symbol
An explanation of the Chinese Yin Yang Tai-Chi symbol using the I Ching.
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