This category is for sites dealing with the use of regular playing cards (as opposed to tarot or oracle cards) as a divination tool.

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Arcana Arcanorum: The Playing-Card Oracle
A personal system of playing card divination is presented with card meanings and layouts.
Cafe Astrology: Fortune Telling Playing Cards
Offers meanings, gives spreads and some interesting facts about playing cards.
The Card Reading
Free online card readings for love, relationships, career, money. Classic interpretations of playing cards make this informative entertainment.
Cards of Illumination
Offering readings, related products and background information.
Cartomancy or playing card divination.
Interested in wishes, the future, love? Who isn't. Several simple ways of telling fortunes by cards. Online cartomancy readings available.
Chambers' Book of Days: February 21st
Offers a look at early fortunetellers and their practices. Includes the divinatory meanings for each card in standard deck of playing cards.
Destiny Cards
A divination technique using playing cards.
Divination Using 36 Cards
Lists the divinatory meanings for 36 cards out of the 52 card deck.
Escaping From Quantum Weirdness By Playing Cards
Quantum physics with the benefit of hindsight. A discussion of the physics behind the metaphysics of card predictions with the standard deck.
A Fortune in Playing Cards
A look at how a standard deck of playing cards is used for viewing the future.
Theory of the esoteric meanings of playing cards.
Oracle Cards
Free online course in reading playing cards. Includes color and date correspondences.
Origins of Playing Card Divination
Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog. An illustrated presentation of her theories and research on the origin of playing cards.
Psychic Love Doctor
Deborah Leigh offers card readings focused on relationships via email. Includes biography, articles, and online single card automated readings.
Sarena's Tarot: Using Regular Playing Cards
A guide to using regular playing cards for divination.
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