Vastu or Vastu-Shastra - the Vedic architecture integrates the science of Ayurveda and Astrology by linking them with human lives. Vastu combines the earth's magnetic fields, the influence of planets and other celestial bodies along with cosmic rays and plays a vital role in happy family life and prosperity of business. Vastu-Shastra - the ancient mystic science and art of designing and construction of buildings finds its origin Sthapatya-Veda which in turn is part of Atharva-Veda, one of the four main Vedas.
Maharishi Vastu
Sthapatya-Veda (Vedic Architecture) is architecture, planning, and building in accord with Natural Law.
Michael Borden - Vastu Design Services
Vastu architecture design for residential and commercial design services, seminar on Vaastu design principles, resources and recommended reading.
Pyramid in Vastu
Pyramid and its energy.
Rational Vastu - Ancient Science in a Post Modern World
Book "Rational Vastu - Ancient Science in a Post Modern World".
Serene Interiors
Indian interior designers offering interior designing based on Vastu, articles on Vastu-Shastra, residential projects, official projects, commercial projects, layouts, ideal spacing.
Temple Architects India
Specializing in Indian temple architecture and Hindu Mandir Vastushastra. Profile, projects and photos provided. Mumbai, India.
Transcendence Design
Vastu creates sacred space for homes, gardens, and businesses. Includes events calendar and consultant profile.
Vaastu Shastra -- Science of Direction
Indian Vaastu consultant: commercial and residential services on Vaastu Shastra.
Vaastu Shastra at Vaastu International
Basic principles of VaastuShastra, the disadvantages of improper Vaastu, origin of Vaastu-Shastra, Griha Pravesh, Muhurta of building, determination of direction.
Vastu Creations
Vastu-Shastra, the Indian prototype of Feng-Shui, to experience harmony and balance in home or business and create health, wealth and happiness.
Vastu Living -- Create a Home for the Soul
Vastu Living introduces the first Western adaptation of Vastu -- India's holistic design and decor system that creates harmony in the home and workplace to increase inner peace.

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