With today's technology, chart interpretation can be fast and surprisingly accurate when done by computer. The input of a human astrologer, however, is usually necessary to avoid repetitions and overlaps. Typical reports include: natal chart analysis, compatibility reports, future trend reports and child personality analysis. Astrologers offering personal consultations and individual chart interpretation are listed in the Astrology/Shopping/Consultants_and_Counsellors category.
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123 Astrology
Offering character portraits and compatibility reports.
Aaron Abel Horoscopes
Horoscopes and birth charts including sexuality, relationship compatibility, romance, character, child, and month or year 2000 predictions. Weekly free prize drawing.
Offers a variety of charts and reports together with books, software and a personalized astrology course.
Charts include natal, transit, relocation and compatibility. Basic astrology and tarot information.
Astra Mate
Offers various readings and interpretations - includes natal charts, numerology and tarot. Also, includes singles advertisements and calendar of workshops and events.
Astral Aspects
Offers natal charts and interpretational reports.
Astro Readings
Online storeable readings for yourself and up to 20 other people of your choice, with forum support. Paid membership required to access some services.
Astrology services by T.S. Phillips include financial astrology. Intraday Trading Strategy.
Astrocartography and Astrology Readings
Provides chart computations, astrocartography map kits, and a variety of computerized horoscopes.
Free daily and monthly horoscope, astrology reports - includes Chinese horoscopes, career report, astrological compatibility, zodiac signs and numerology.
Astrological Insights
Services include relationship, compatibility, electional and relocation charting.
Astrological Services Center in Edmonton
Charts and readings by Canadian astrologer and psychic Dr. Art Basu - includes free daily horoscopes.
Astrology By Beverlee
Solar and lunar cycles, natal and compatibility charts as well as vedic and karmic interpretations.
Astrology by Joy Light
Online interactive astrology charts, astro compatibility reports, numerology charts and reports.
Astrology by StarCharts
Offers astrology charts, astrological compatibility profiles and transit reports - includes free horoscopes and astrological information.
Astrology in Plain English
Various interpretations and forecasts available; examples of natal chart interpretation.
Astrology One
Horoscopes, zodiac signs, astrology and compatibility charts.
Astrology: A Way of Life
Featuring free daily horoscopes, plus birth charts, daily transits and compatibility charts.
Natal charts and forecasts. Example reports and ordering information.
Advice on understanding your natal chart and solar return chart as planning and decision tools.
Offering astrology charts and reports, as well as general information and birth wheels.
Awakenings Astrological Services
Astrology software and personalized reports covering natal, forecasting, relationships, past lives, relocation, career, Vedic, numerology, biorhythms, and the Science of the Cards.
The Big Picture
Offers natal, transit and relationship charts.
Offering natal and compatibility charts, together with a quiz and general information.
Chaos Astrology
Natal and predictive charts, with prediction registry.
Chinese Horoscopes
Offering character analysis, event planning and forecasting reports.
Colorado Astrology Center
Providing charting services and an overview and history of basic astrology.
Equinox Astrology
Personal horoscopes, year forecasts, child profiles, and compatibility reports written by Robert Currey. Includes astrologer profile and ordering information.
Full Moon
Offers consultations, birth and compatibility reports.
Horoscope by Michele Knight
Premium and free online horoscopes.
Horoscope Examples
Global horoscoping, including examples by Rudolf Megert.
Horton Astrology
Offers astroligical charts - available either by email or regular post.
The Howard Sheldon Show
Charts prepared by Howard Sheldon - includes biography and schedule of radio shows.
Karen K. Hellegas
Natal, compatibility and relocation charts. Free moon's nodes reading.
Karmic Astrology
Order tape recorded astrology readings and schedule phone consultations.
Leo Ascending
Astrological services - including interpreted astrological charts and forecasts.
Littledeer Astrosite
Specializing in pet charts, but also offering natal and forecast readings. Includes brief overview of services and ordering information.
The Magi Society
Information on Magi Astrology.
Mary Shea
Astrological information, teleclasses, solar returns, horary, electional, star of david, flower essences and spirituality. M.A. Counseling Psychology.
Mind Body and Soul
Offers astrology charts, books, tapes and diet programs.
MoonCat's Astrology
Fun site with sign profiles, weekly love forecast, tour of the planets, news, charts, and quizzes.
Mystical Visions
Readings, reports and charts with spiritual or traditional interpretions specializing in Chiron.
Neptune Bob's Astrology
Offering natal charts and some personally written interpretations. Includes order form, astrologer profile and information about transits.
Offering personality charts and astrological jewelry.
Patrick Arundell Astrology
British astrologer offers a variety of charts and readings, together with horoscopes, sun sign profiles and 'About Astrology' section.
Stars N' Souls Astrological Chart Service
Offers many types of astrological chart - including natal, compatabilty, past life, career and humorous.
Totally Personal
Offers a variety of charts, including natal, naughty natal, transit, compatibility and relocation.
Universal Astrology, Co.
Various charts offered.
Your Horoscope
Free natal chart for all who visit, karmic past life, compatibility, relocation, advanced natal and personality profile, 6-month future forecast, and hidden message reports.
Zodiac Arts - Sandra and David Mosley
Specializing in lunar astrology, with a moon phase calendar and horoscopes, information on lunar cycles, eclipses, retrogrades and other astrological events. Sells reports, books, T-shirts and mugs.

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