This category is for personal pages devoted to all types of astrology, including western, Vedic, Chinese, and more specialized branches of astrology. A "Personal Page" is simply web page created by an individual (as opposed to someone creating a page for an institution, business, or group). Often personal pages contain valid and useful opinions, links to important resources, and significant facts.

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One man's view of the basics of astrology, together with cartoons, humor, quiz and some science fiction writings.
The Astrologer's Memorial
Honouring astrologers from all fields who have passed on. Biographies, photographs and data.
Astrology With Dr Z
Sun sign descriptions and information from Anthony Pena, long-time Astrology editor.
Athena's Web
Astrological information, including info on planets and aspects, and a weekly column.
Blue Light Lady
Genevieve Vierling's blog with astrology articles, book reviews, celebrity insights and horoscopes; contact info for readings with Genevieve.
Chiron and Friends
Chiron explored by Zane Stein through astrology, astronomy, mythology. Also: Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo, Hylonome, other Centaurs, bodies out past Pluto, Eris, asteroids, minor planets, exoplanets.
Astrology Articles and information on western and shamanic astrology, classes and charting services from Internationally published astrologer Gary P. Caton.
Astrology basics, and how they are used in horoscope charts, by Swedish astrologer Stefan Stenudd.
Kelly's Star Signs
Descriptions of the star signs and their personalities, with love tests.
Kim Falconer's Astrology
Articles, forum, chart services on astrology, mythology, and quantum physics. Comprehensive asteroid information.
Lal Kitab & Remedies
A blog on Lal Kitab system of Indian astrology.
Love Astrology
A personal blog about love and astrology, featuring western and Chinese astrology information.
My Spiritual Profile
Free online astrology reading, including star sign, Chinese zodiac, Celtic tree, mystical elements.
Professor Astrology
Features a free monthly prediction for all signs. Offers paid DVD set on astrology.
Sabian Astrology
Describes an astrologic method of consulting the Chinese classic of changes ( I-Ching ), and provides free software to calculate the readings.
Spiritual Astrology
Presents the author's spiritual view of astrology and personal growth.
Tribal Zodiac
Information about the zodiac signs, as well as professional MIRC scripts for download.

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