Evolutionary Astrology is a holistic form of astrology centered around seven basic principles: (1)That Humans incarnate in a succession of lifetimes, (2)That the purpose of reincarnation is the evolution of the soul, (3)That the birth chart reflects the evolutionary condition of the Soul, (4)That the birth chart reflection the evolutionary intention of the Soul, (5)That circumstances are never random or pointless, (6)That, as Humans are Free-Will creatures interacting in a multidimensional environment, there is always an element of variance and unpredictability, (7)That, as beings of Free-Will, we are each responsible for our internal and external environment through the power of choice. In Evolutionary Astrology evolution is synonymous with increasing states of union and temperance, with the purpose of reuniting the Soul with its Universal Source. The astrological chart is examined from the point of view of the whole being (that is, the Soul's spiritual, mental, & emotional patterns), and in terms of past action, present condition, and future impulse.
Amb Ava Publishing
Taina Ketola provides tools, articles, and insight on using Astrology to make conscious changes in the realms of relationship, attitude, parenting, and purpose. Newsletters, life-coaching services, ebooks, and a store featuring Taina's book are also available.
Astral Essence
Shellie Enteen offers a variety of Healing Arts services and products, a free on-line newsletter, and current monthly forecasts. Features a variety of readings and consultations.
Astrology by Jan Spiller
Jan is an astrologer and author of several astrology books. Free 'scopes and charts, Astrology Radio, oracles, lessons, a message board, and Jan's books and services.
Chiron Evolutionary Astrology
Mark Batterbury offers articles, information, and consultations.
Dan Keusal
Offers three types of astrology sessions.
Daniel Aaron
Offers information on "The Art of Vibrant Living" through Astrology, Yoga, and the Healing Arts. Featuring inspiration, retreats, workshops and personal readings.
Dawn Mountain Press
The home page of author Greg Bogart. Offers his books and articles. Features information on his astrological counseling services.
Elizabeth Cutting
Offers information on workshops and seminars, as well as Elizabeth herself. Features a large variety of readings.
Evolutionary Astrology
The site of Maurice Fernandez. Featuring articles and courses with links, counseling information and a calendar of events.
Evolutionary Astrology and Transformational Counseling with Steve Wolfson
Offers information on both Evolutionary Astrology and Steve's calendar of events. Features readings and mini-readings. His weblog is also available.
Evolutionary Astrology Network
Sharing the principles of Evolutionary Astrology as developed by Jeffery Wolf Green. Featuring articles, books, forecasts, the EA Radio Show, and the Jeffery Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology.
Evolve Astrology
The community information page for the Evolutionary Astrology community on LiveJournal.
The homepage for Yahoo's active Experience Astrology group.
Gemini Awakening
Kathryn Andren and Starman Joseph Mina offer articles, an e-zine, classes and workshops which pertain to Evolutionary Astrology.
Imsara and Earthwork
Promotes personal evolutionary development and growth using Astrology. Features consultations which focus on the current life-purpose.
Kristin Fontana
Offering information, a recommended book list, current starcast, and testimonials. Features two consultation services and a weekly live internet radio broadcast with archives.
Life Direction and Soul Purpose
Elizabeth Spring offers readings which combine her background in the psychology of Carl Jung with Astrology. Site also features articles, Elizabeth's bio and weblog, as well as information on her class and lecture schedule.
Lisa Dale Miller
Offers articles, many of which examine the charts of important political events and current astrological trends. Features readings, consultations, and classes.
The New Horizon
Featuring the philosophical writings of Barin Chaki promoting Self-Knowledge and Development through Astrology. Readings also available.
A Place in Space
Offering a collection of articles by eminent astrologers on using Astrology for self-knowledge, healing, and purpose.
Servant of Healing and New Perspectives
Ulrich Bold offers lectures, articles, home study and a bi-monthly ezine. Readings and consultations are also featured.
Tom Jacobs
Offers information on Evolutionary Astrology as well as consultations.
The Travelers Well
Official site of Scott Wolfram. Specializes in Astrology of Location readings. Evolutionary Astrology birth chart and transit readings are also provided from a spiritual and mythic perspective. Contains newsletters.
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