Esoteric astrology seeks to incorporate the personality within a broader contextual framework linking the personality with the soul. The field of esoteric astrology has developed through the contributions of H. P. Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Society), Tibetan Master Dhjwal Kuhl (DK) with Alice A. Bailey (co-founder of Lucis Trust), Rudolf Steiner, Alan Leo, and E. H. Bailey. Interpretations in esoteric astrology are based upon full knowledge of the seven creative rays of energy emanating from the Big Dipper. Esoteric astrology, as written in the Bailey texts, is a preparation and explanation for Soul infusion. In Esoteric Astrology, the rising sign of the horoscope sets the keynote for the soul's purpose with the esoteric ruler of the rising sign showing how and where the soul's purpose works out.

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Adele Barger Wilson
Links to articles on esoteric astrology. Author of several books on esoteric astrology, Adele practices and writes in Springfield, West Virginia.
D.K. Foundation School of Esoteric Astrology
Articles, correspondence courses and readings in the occult tradition of Master Djwhal Khul/Alice Bailey.
Dr. Douglas Baker
Articles describe the theory and practice of esoteric astrology to unlock the purpose of the soul. Books, video course available.
Esoteric Astrologer
Contains commentary and essays, links, a forum and information about tuition.
Esoteric Astrology
Personal page offering introductory information and articles, and artwork by Jean-Luc Bozzoli.
Esoteric Astrology Books
List maintained by the Astrology Shop in London.
Esoteric Astrology by Holger Stavnsbjerg
Offers readings, books and lectures. Director of the Astrological School where classic and esoteric astrology is taught in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Multilingual site based in Denmark.
Esoteric Astrology with Bonnie Wells
Extensive educational articles by author and student of metaphysics and psychology (Alice A. Bailey, Rudolf Steiner and Carl G. Jung). Bonnie practices esoteric astrology in Durango, Colorado.
Life Purpose and Personality Type
Online excerpts from the book, Who You Are and Why You Are Here, by Ruth Mierswa. Includes how to find your personality ray (sun sign) and soul ray (ascendant).
Night Light News
Special section on Esoteric (Soul) Astrology. Published by The Esoteric and Astrological Studies and Research Institute in Santa Cruz, California. The institute teaches both mundane and esoteric astrology as preparation for the Ancient Wisdom (Bailey/DK) teachings.
A Place in Space Astro-Links
Comprehensive list includes web sites specializing in esoteric astrology. Maintained by Candy Hillenbrand, Australian astrologer.
The Seven Rays Today
Astrology, Chakras and the Seven Rays and other articles on esoteric astrology. Links to esoteric resources, diagrams and charts.
Spiritual and Esoteric Astrology Books
List maintained by Michael Star.
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