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Astrological Psychology Institute (UK) offers courses based on the work of Bruno and Louise Huber. Includes news, course and workshop information, articles, enrolment details, forum and mailing list.
Aquamoonlight Astrology
Information on topics such as signs, houses, transits, and progressions.
Astro Logos
Training centre in the UK offering details of its various courses and seminars, including specialist certificates in fixed stars and medieval astrology.
Astro Synthesis Astrology School
Offering a four year training program in applied astrology. Includes course details, and information about consulting services, educational tours and the Chiron Centre natural therapy clinic.
Astrology by Bob Marks
Comprehensive overview and description of astrology and its various aspects - includes examples.
The Astrology Institute
Beginning, intermediate and advanced classes and workshops. Offers certificate training in holistic astrology, a diploma counseling training program with master's degree option and private tutorials.
Astrology School
Correspondence school based in New Zealand offers details of its services and classes.
Offers a comprehensive introduction to astrological principles, as well as a numerology section.
Discovering Your Secret Self
For students interested in learning the basics. Consultations and lessons are available.
Faculty of Astrological Studies
Diploma courses available via distance learning or classes in England. Programs, prospectus, enrollment forms, and school information.
Getting Your Stars On
The basics of astrology, together with Mercury Retrograde section and a look at how astrology works with numerology. Also offers charting services.
The London School of Astrology
Details of classes, seminars, location and lecturers, with news and online enrolment form.
Online College of Astrology
Offering a variety of online courses for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. Includes staff biographies and ordering information.
Yahoo Groups: 3 Lililths
Mailing list sending information about the asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith and Dark Moon Lilith, updated periodically. Not a discussion group.

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