Classical and Traditional astrology are forms which have remained untouched since the Renaissance, Medieval or Ancient periods. Horary astrology (using astrology to answer questions based on a chart of the question) and electional astrology (using astrology to choose the most auspicious date for an event) are two of these forms. Medical astrology is also included here, as again it is an ancient form.

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Arhat Publications
Books, articles and information on the history of astrology. Information about Robert Hand, one of the world's leading most esteemed astrologers.
Astrology of Healing
Information on medical astrology and its relationship with the psyche and physiological functioning of the body. Also material on self healing, medical herbalism, energetic medicine and shamanic healing.
The Astrology of Marsilio Ficino: Divination or Science?
Details background and theory of the astrology of the famous Renaissance scholar, Marsilio Ficino.
Astrología Arquetípica
Astrology blog by Cristina Laird, astrologist and psychotherapist
Ben Dykes
Medieval natal readings plus articles, books and translations.
Cielo e Terra
Italian traditional astrology site. Has useful articles in English.
Classical Astrologer Weblog
Ancient and traditional astrology.
Company of Astrologers
Founded in 1983 to promote the practice of astrology as a way of insight and self-knowledge, the Company offers a teaching programme and a forum for the sharing of astrology.
David Cammegh
Horary astrologer also works on natal charts, providing readings or consultations in astrology. Contains profile and articles.
Gryphon Astrology
Traditional horary astrology by a student of John Frawley. Contains example questions and answers.
Hellenistic Astrology
Provides resources for studying the history, philosophy and techniques of the ancient Greco-Roman traditions of astrology.
J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D.
Offers details of classes, books and software.
John Frawley
A leading traditional astrologer. Has article excerpts plus information on consultations, classes and books.
Current information about the Moon's phase, sign, void-of-course status, apsides, eclipses. A monthly lunar calendar, generated for any location on the Earth. Moon Sign Calculator. Planetary days and hours. Retrograde planets.
Maurice McCann
An Irish Horary Astrologer's memorial.
Natasa Karalic Koprivica
Astrological texts, analyses, examples; information on astrological services and internet courses of traditional astrology; profile of astrologer Natasa Karalic Koprivica.
New Library
Features articles, courses, downloadable ebooks and translations from Bonatti, Ganivet, Alkindi, Hermes and others, by Robert Zoller, an expert in Medieval Astrology.
Olivia Barclay
Memorial Site of the Author of the Qualifying Horary Diploma Course
Project Hindsight
Branch of the non-profit Phaser Foundation, involved in the translation and restoration of astrology source texts from the Hellenistic period. News, texts, background information and course details.
Renaissance Astrology
Horary and electional astrology readings as well as the astrological magic and talismans of Cornelius Agrippa, Marsilio Ficino and the Picatrix. Offers web courses plus books and CDs.
Sue Ward's Astrology Pages
Resource for traditional English astrology. Contains articles, examples charts and information on courses and asking horary questions.
Valerie Livina's Astrology
Research blog devoted to the traditional astrology ( both Western and Jyotish), as well as science and politics. Articles, photographs, reviews, books.
What is Electional Astrology?
An article by Kim Farnell, astrologer and writer
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