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Adventist Biblical Truths
A large collection of Seventh-day Adventist theological writings, most of them by a single author.
Adventures in Following Jesus
Adam Ellis, husband, father, and youth minister in the churches of Christ, writes about theology, emerging church, and life in general.
Al's Home Page
Alwyn Lau's "glimpse into his Father's Heart and Word." Focus-themes include: general questions/objections to the Christian faith, the open view of God, and other Biblical topics.
Bible Doors
A personal theology site.
Bible Metaphors
Explains some metaphors that are said to describe reality that is God based on reconciliations of religion with science and reason.
Bishop John Shelby Spong
Essays, commentary, and thoughts from Bishop John Shelby Spong (former Episcopal bishop of Newark). Requires paid membership to login to content.
Bruce Reyes-Chow
My thoughts on faith, life and culture as i go through life as a total post-modern, culturally creative BOBO-fied Presbyterian follower of Jesus
A New Testament Tutor, Chris Tilling, discusses biblical and theological themes.
Christ in You Ministries
Articles on theological and biblical subjects.
Christ Only
Thousands of articles by Steven Cook and others on numerous topics.
Christian Leadership Center
Christian teacher training resources, Bible studies, exegetical sermons, daily devotions, and study tours of Israel.
Presents a call to Christians to live consistently with the unity we already possess in Christ and the beginning of a systematic theology to assist in this process.
Connie and Harris Tate
A family website with many questions and thoughts about the Christian Life and Reformed theology.
Convergent Theology
Personal weblog on emerging forms of Chrisianity in a post-modern world
Creation Theology: The Good News of Redemption
A study of creationism as the foundation for New Testament doctrine and theology.
Theology in, of and for cyberspace
David Linden's Theology Papers
Theological lectures and Biblical studies.
David Naugle
Chair and Professor of Philosophy, Dallas Baptist University. Papers and essays, course handouts, and Paideia College Society information.
Destiny of the Unevangelized
Links to various sources explaining Inclusivism vs Exclusivism or Restrictivism, the 2 major evangelical views on what will happen to those who have never heard the Gospel.
Resources for Christian theology, written by Douglas Knight of King's College, London.
Dr. Ben Witherington
Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. Sermons, lectures, and poems.
Dölf Weder
Speeches, texts and photographs of the evangelical church president and former secretary general of YMCA Europe.
Blog discusses Christology and Trinitarian themes.
Essays in Theology and Ethics
A series of articles from a liberal Protestant point of view by Kenneth Cauthen, a retired professor of theology, philosophy, and ethics. The site posits the existence of an impersonal, "limited, suffering, struggling" deity. This deity's creativity is said to have produced all the varieties of life.
Faith and Theology
A blog for theological scholarship and contemporary theological reflection. By Ben Myers.
Father Jake Stops the World
A web log containing the musings of an eccentric and sometimes heretical Anglican priest.
Free Full-text Online Theology Resources
A list of full-text theology resources available online for free.
Joseph B. Howard II, an Anglican priest, rector of St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church in Hendersonville TN, comments on a variety of topics including theology and church history.
Grace Incarnate
Theological and devotional writings, poetry, published books, Real Audio sermons, photos, links, and bookshelf of Rev. Gregory S. Neal, United Methodist pastor and theologian.
A Grammar of Christian Faith
Systematic explorations in Christian life and doctrine by Dr. Joe R. Jones, Professor Emeritus of Theology and Ethics, Christian Theological Seminary. Some essays are posted, but site mostly promotes the author's book by its title.
the Great Lands
Weblog with news and thoughts from a Christian perspective. Included numerous links and an archive of articles.
Greg's Couch
Christian theology and apologetics by a student of theology. Biblical issues examined, including creation/evolution, predestination, abortion, proof for the existence of God, evidences for the claims of Christ.
Heather den Houting - I believe
The weblog of an Australian feminist thinking about Christian theology, spirituality, ecclesiology, the diaconate and other things that capture her attention.
Home page of author Jane Kise Ed.D
Includes descriptions of core tools and frameworks, consulting service offerings, leadership blog, and biography.
Supports home-based Christianity. Contains bible-based articles, an online handbook, advice, and music.
Homepage of Rüdiger Heinzerling
Introduction to quantitative structure analysis (qsa) of biblical texts. Site is partly in English and paartly in German.
Journeyist - tracking the one true path
A journal of faith detailing one man's lifelong search for truth amid the maddening traffic of the political, religious and business highways of life.
Ken Allen's Home Page
Articles and resources on Christian Universalism.
Ken Collins' Web Site
Presents essays on a number of theological and Biblical issues by Ken Collins, pastor of the Garfield Memorial Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in McLean, Virginia.
Lawrence Hilliard
Site presents 4 theological essays on various topics and contact information regarding its author, who offers his services as a seminar speaker.
Manuela Kalsky
Multilingual site features her work, with emphasis on her doctoral study on christology from the perspective of women in different cultures.
Messiah's Kingdom
Dedicated to Historic Pre-Millennialism, Historica-Grammatical Method of Hermeneutics, and the Gospel. The site's authors are John Ludlum, Jr., Ph.D., who served over 40 years as a pastor with the Reformed Church in America, and Andrew Ludlum, M.Div., an ordained teaching elder with the Presbyterian Church in America.
More, Please!
Multi-contributor weblog detailing the sovereignty of God and his work of grace in the individual's life.
My Times are in Your Hand
A blog focusing on the Bible and Christianity from a Reformed faith viewpoint.
Mysteries of the Everlasting Kingdom
Articles on the eschatological issues, Sabbaths and holy days, Israel's 12 tribes today, Jubilee 2030 A.D., and re-baptism.
The New World Order
Argues that the Catholic church is at the center of the evil New World Order.
North Forest
Christian articles with an unusual Catholic perspective. Seeks to reconcile Protestants to the Catholic church. Topics include end times, age of earth, sola scriptura, hell, and others.
Observations on God, Life and the Human Journey
Explores the infinity of God, the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ as the divine Logos, and the meaning of human life.
Old Doctrines, New Light
On-line book by a British layman on foundational Christian subjects. Comments on the cross, Jewish festivals, and commentaries on several Old and New Testament books.
A site on Christian Theology and conservative politics
Progressive Theology
Articles and poetry on political and cultural issues. Lectionary readings with homilies.
Pursuing Oneness in Christ
Argues that the oneness for which Jesus prayed is a harmonization of individual diversity in the Spirit, not organizational unity or rigid uniformity.
Sam Metcalf's Blog - Under The Iceberg
Sam Metcalf is the president of Church Resource Ministries. His weblog explores leadership development and the strengthening and expansion of the church worldwide.
Scott M. Sullivan
Articles on Catholic Theology, Philosophy, and apologetics.
Searching for the Truth in Christianity
The truth outside the church doctrine. Seeking for alternate interpretations of the Bible.
Sound Doctrine
Various articles about doctrinal and practical matters.
Standing In The Last Day
Dedicated to bringing God's Word and reformation to the Church.God's people are spiritually perishing because of bad and wrong doctrine.
Information about theologian and author Stanley J. Grenz's books, teaching and other work.
A Techno-Theologian Blog
The personal weblog of Michael Yates that deals with theology, technology, marriage, and college life.
A Theological Inventory of American Jurisprudence
Scrutinizes the American legal system by way of a biblical theology expounded in "Basic Jurisdictional Principles: An Investigation into the Biblical Undergirdings of Human Law".
To the glory of God
Weblog of short articles by a believer aiming to foster faith in the Word of God and faithfulness to Him.
Tom's Religion and Theology Page
Thomas Talbott, Professor of Philosophy at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, provides a selection of his writings.
True Gospel Ministries - Experiential Preaching
A collection of sermons, resources and information from experiential preachers.
Unity In The Body Of Christ
Promotes unity in the body of Christ and presents exegetical Bible studies and topical studies on evangelism, prayer, Christian growth and church history.
The Upper Register
Contains original papers on biblical exegesis and theology by Lee Irons, an ordained minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
Articles on Catholicism, Promise Keepers, birth control, and America. Also features explanations of commonly misunderstood passages.
Wesley Wildman's Weird Wild World Wide Web Site
Biographies, notes, and essays on some prominent Christian theologians and theological movements. The author of the site, Wesley Wildman, teaches theology, philosophy, and religion at Boston University. He also directs BU's science, philosophy, and religion Ph.D. program.
Willard, Dallas
Philosophy professor, speaker, and author. Biography, articles on Christianity and on philosophy with an emphasis on Edmund Husserl.
The Works of F. N. Lee
Reformed theology and Biblical studies by retired Professor of Systematic Theology and Church History at the Queensland Presbyterian Theological College.
Ye Old Hall Castle
Many articles concerning Christianity and the Holy Spirit by authors such as Charles Finney, D. L. Moody, R. A. Torrey, Smith Wigglesworth.
Yung Suk Kim's Journey
Contains theological reflections, papers, online resources links, plus ordination exam study guide for Presbyterian Church USA students.

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