Grace is the spiritual condition where one enjoys the unearned favor of God. The word grace in English is a translation of the Greek word "charis". Charis is also the source of the English word "charity".

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Applying Grace to Daily Life
By Richard Dobbins. Discusses ideas about the security of grace and the different types of grace.
Catalyst: Contemporary Evangelical Perspectives: Consider Wesley
Discusses John Wesley's ideas on original sin and prevenient grace.
The Catholic Doctrine of Justification by Grace
Extensive article on the Roman Catholic view of grace.
Grace and the Christian
Sermon outline by Mark Copeland, a Church of Christ preacher, with definitions and scripture references.
Grace Is For Sinners
Reflection of what moral failure looks like within the glass doors of Christianity and a defense of the salvation power of Jesus.
Grace Online Library: Salvation
Articles concerning the doctrine of salvation or soteriology and related doctrines: redemption, reconciliation, propitiation, and ransom.
Grace Online Library: The Doctrine of Justification
Extensive directory of articles on justification also known as justifying grace.
Grace: What It Is and What It Does
Catholic viewpoint on sanctification and justification.
How Are We Saved?
Four sermons by Rev. Alex Stevenson, a Methodist minister, on prevenient grace, justification, regeneration, and sanctification. - Musings on Grace
Thoughts on the Gospel of Grace and it's implications.
A Preliminary Defense of Prevenient Grace
Discusses Calvinist and Wesleyan ideas about grace.
Prevenient Grace
A series of four articles.
Prevenient Grace
Extensive article by Jeff Paton. Methodist point of view.
Thomas Aquinas: Of the Effects of Grace
Full online text of Summa Theologica Questions on Law and Justice, circa 1274.
A Voice from the Past: The Fundamentals of Grace
Extensive article by Lewis Sperry Chafer (1871-1952).
Wesleyan Theology: Arminianism
Discusses prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace and perfection.
What is Grace
Definition of the concept of grace as understood by Pastor David Reagan.
What is Grace?
Article by Jerry Bridges in the Reformed Quarterly that attempts to illustrate and define God's grace.
Whitefield and Wesley on Grace and Predestination
Compares the Arminian views of John Wesley with the Calvinist ones of George Whitefield.
Wikipedia: Grace in Christianity
Encyclopedia article on the various Christian denominations' interpretations of God's grace.
Wikipedia: Prevenient Grace
Encyclopedia article on the doctrine with external links and sources.
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