Eschatology is the study of the doctrine of the last things. This includes the theology of the tribulation, antichrist, rapture, Second Coming, millennium, death, resurrection, judgement, heaven and hell.

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Bible prophecy in Daniel & Revelation
Interpretation of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation concerning the King of Babylon.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Eschatology
A survey of the subject in various pre-Christian religions and cultures, an examination of the development of eschatology in the Old Testament, brief overview of Christian teaching.
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics: Eschatology
Examination of the differing viewpoints. Presents criticisms of dispensationalist teaching.
Frontline: Apocalypse
PBS's Frontline examines the history of apocalyptic beliefs and millennial thinking. Includes a scholars' roundtable on the meaning of apocalypticism and the endurance of apocalyptic ideology.
The Parousia
Full text of James Stuart Russell's book, which expounds an almost total preterism.
Planet Preterist
Large online resource for realized eschatology.
The Preterist Archive
Presents the preterist point of view that New Testament prophecies of the future were fulfilled in the destruction of the Jewish nation in A.D. 70.
Prophecy Forum
Christian web site dedicated to Biblical prophecy, endtime studies, the Second Coming, the Rapture, Israel, and related topics.
The Prophetic Years
Articles and links offering an interpretation of Scripture concerning the end times.
Things to Come
Dedicated to defending orthodox eschatology and Biblical futurism.
Truth For the Final Generation
Of particular interest to Seventh-Day Adventists, features the Two Covenants, and the subject of eschatology. Site contains online e-books and audio messages, newsletter (PDF format) and a crossword puzzle.
Wikipedia: Christian Eschatology
Lengthy encyclopedia-style article, with hyperlinks to related topics.
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