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Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Extensive collection of classic theological works from all periods of church history.
Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology
Ecumenical organization that seeks to focus on Jesus Christ and build Christian unity through its own journal, books, and conferences.
Christian Theological Research Fellowship
The CTRF is a Christian research organization in systematic and moral theology, and related disciplines. The site contains the Journal for Christian Theological Research - a peer-reviewed scholarly e-journal of Systematic Theology Group of the American Academy of Religion.
Coalition on Revival
A network of evangelical leaders from different denominational and theological perspectives who share a vision for and commitment to revival, renewal, and reformation of the Church and society. Presents a series of well-researched theological papers.
Creeds of Christendom
Creeds and Confessions of various Christian denominations.
European Society of Catholic Theology (ESCT)
Encouraging the communication, promotion and support of theological education, research, and services. Publishes a journal twice a year, Bulletin ET.
Fundamental Baptist Institute
Presents a wide variety of topical Christian articles by numerous authors.
Grace Online Library
Authors and resources from the historic Reformed, Calvinistic and Puritan persuasion.
Literature of Theology: A Classified Bibliography of Theological and General Religious Literature
Google Books e-text. A guide to literature published in Great Britain, the United States, and Canada. 1895 by John Hurst. Encompasses exegetical, historical, and systematic theology topics.
Discussion on Protestant beliefs and doctrines from the Catholic Encyclopedia.
Radical Faith
"Exploring fundamentals of faith in a changed world." Emphasis on non-traditional theological ideas. Sermons, responses to common questions, layman's guide to theological terms, book reviews, and other resources.
Systematic Theology
Presents a number of articles on a wide array of topics from various conservative/evangelical authors.
Theology Resources
Guide to articles, papers and other theological resources. Developed by the Virtual Private Library
Theology Website
Offers resources on liberal theological studies. Discussion forums, online quizzes, religions portal, online journal, user polls, church history study guides.
Theos Think Tank
A public theology think tank providing alternative perspectives to secular culture and public opinion. Reports, consultancy, events, and news.
The Trinity Foundation
Articles, books, tapes and resources on Reformed Christianity.
Downloadable PDF books on theology, Bible commentary, apologetics, philosophy, and spirituality.

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