This category is about churches and ministries dealing with and dialoguing over the issues that have come to the Christian faith as we have moved to a postmodern world.

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Alternative Worship
A guide to the Christian alternative worship movement worldwide - theory, theology, practical advice and comprehensive group and website listings.
Ancient and Future Catholics
Catholic and Orthodox Christians engaging postmodern issues and problems, and working toward unity.
Beyond Evangelical
Dedicated to the restoration of the simplicity of early Christianity: the centrality of Jesus Christ, the first-century Christian mindset, and the practice of the early church.
Brian D. McLaren
Personal website for author, storyteller, and theologian.
Culture Making
Writing by Andy Crouch about faith and culture.
Commentary on events and culture from an ecumenical Christian perspective.
Blog and resources for and about communicating ancient Christianity to the modern world.
A collection of writings/thoughts on culture, community and the church by Drew Goodmanson.
The Gospel and Our Culture Network
Christian leaders from a wide array of churches and organizations are working together on the frontier of the missionary encounter of the gospel with North American assumptions, perspectives, preferences, and practices.
House Church Blog
Interactive weblog for house church, simple church, organic church structures, leadership of emerging church. Plant, facilitate, and nurture house churches and networks. Understand the new wineskins and share practical ideas.
I Am Paradox weblog
Thoughts and feelings in an emerging church.
Imago Dei Ministries
The teaching ministry of Wade Hodges.
International Indie Allies Meetup
Starting point for finding gatherings of people worldwide who are engaging postmodern culture.
Jonny Baker's Weblog
Taking a look at the emerging culture and alternative worship in the UK and the rest of the world.
Home of Leonard Sweet, theologian, author, and futurist.
Precipice Magazine
An online Christian source for dialogue, interaction and opinion about current affairs and the ongoing societal shift from the modern into the postmodern era.
Small Fire
a photographic archive of alternative worship
Tall Skinny Kiwi
Tracking God in the emerging global culture.
Weblog dealing with church, Christianity, and postmodernity.
Thin Spaces
The personal journey of a pastor and church planter following Christ in the emerging culture and church.
Third Day Churches
A new way of doing church in the third millennium.
A look inside fundamentalism's answer to MTV: the postmodern church. (January 01, 1998)
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