This category is for sites that promote the view that God created the universe, but that it occurred or began not merely 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, but millions or billions of years ago. Some arguments are based on the evidence for "design" in nature. Other arguments propose a "gap" between verses in Genesis which allow for an old age for the original material of this earth. Others suggest that the days of Genesis were actually long ages of time.

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Affiliation of Christian Geologists - Essays
Collection of essays supportive of Old Earth views.
The Age of the Earth
A site critical of radiometric dating, continental drift and the big bang and favors a worldwide flood.
The Antiquity and the Unity of the Human Race Revisited
Christian geologist, Davis A. Young presents paleoanthropology evidence for the antiquity of humans. He asks if God used evolution to make humans.
Bible, Genesis and Science
This study shows that the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis one, is perfectly compatible with modern science such as cosmology, the big bang and Einstein's relativity.
The Creation/Evolution Controversy
Many answers to young earth arguments. Evidences for evolution. Links to sites promoting harmony between Genesis and evolution.
Creationism vs. Evolution
Information on old earth, creation, ruination, recreation or gap theory, progressive creation and anti evolution.
Day-Age Creationism
This view holds that the six days referred to in the Genesis are not ordinary 24-hour days, but rather are much longer periods of thousands or millions of years.
Old Earth Creation Perspectives
A resource site with short descriptions of old earth creation models, a list of organizations and ministries which support these models as well as links to many articles on the topic.
Old Earth Creationism
Short descriptions of old-earth views such as the day-age theory, the gap theory, the framework hypothesis and progressive creation.
Old Earth Creationism
A summary of various types of old earth creationism, such as the gap theory, progressive creationism, the framework interpretation and day-age creationism. There is also a longer section on old earth explanations for the flood.
Old-Earth Views
Similarities and differences between Progressive Creation and Theistic Evolution.
Reconciling Creation and Science
Survey of theistic evolution, progressive creationism and old-earth creationism with links to related sites.
Theology of Creation
Links to a variety of sites, primarily on evolutionary creation (theistic evolution) and progressive creation, but also some on young-earth creation and intelligent design.
Who are Creationists?
Christian geologist, David Dathe charts geologists, theistic evolutionists, and several types of creationists, via their belief in God, macro evolution, and the age of the earth.
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