Intelligent Design is the proposition that life on Earth is so complex that it could not have arisen through the forces of nature alone, but that at least some aspects of it must have been intelligently designed by a power outside the laws of nature, generally assumed to be God. Proponents of Intelligent Design argue that while some aspects of the theory of evolution are valid, there are many gaps in naturalistic scientific explanations that can only be explained by the presence and actions of this intelligent designer. This category is for sites specifically dealing with the theory of Intelligent Design, the scientific arguments for and against it, and the theological arguments for and against it. Sites dealing with general Creationism, or general controversy over the way that evolution is taught, should be directed to other categories such as Science/Science_in_Society/Science_and_Religion/Evolution/ and Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Perspectives/Origins_and_Creation/Creation_vs_Evolution/

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Are You Here by Intelligent Design?
Simple article exploring the complex concept.
Evolution and Intelligent Design compared, using such examples as the honeybee, shark, moths and butterflies.
Design Inference Website
Official site of William A. Dembski. Includes series of articles, replies to critics, and description of his books.
Discovery Institute - Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture
Supports research into evidence of intelligent design in nature through fellowships, publishing, policy briefings, and other activities. Site includes current articles.
Genesis, Evolution and Natural Selection
This study points out that Genesis 2-3 is perfectly compatible with evolution, but not with natural selection, which is inconsistent with the law of increasing disorder
IDEA Center
Promoting, as a scientific theory, the idea that life was designed by an intelligence and facilitating discussion, debate, and dialogue. Classes and seminars, articles, and newsletter.
Intelligent Design Network
Promoting Intelligent Design teaching and material in and for the classrooms.
Intelligent Design: The New 'Big Tent' for Evolution's Critics
Tells about the observations of Ron Numbers, an historian of the struggle between Darwinism and the anti-evolution movements, on the relationship between intelligent design and other creationism.
An Introduction to Intelligent Design Theory
A short discussion of the meaning of Intelligent Design, with links to other resources.
Leadership University
A large collection of articles relating to the intelligent design movement and related issues. Includes essays, papers, debates, professor's office, speaking schedules, current events, online forums and news.
Michael J. Behe
Author of "Darwin's Black Box" offers articles, responses to critics, lecture reports and schedule, and a series of articles on Molecular Machines: Examples of Irreducible Complexity.
Of Pandas and People
Wikipedia entry on the book, including timelines of the titles and editions it has gone through, and the controversies surrounding it. Asserts that the book's purpose is primarily religious, not scientific.
Origins & Design Journal
Journal of the Access Research Network which attempts to put science topics in perspective by looking at related political, ethical and philosophical issues.
Pandas and People: A Brief Critique
Harsh criticism of the book, including notable omissions and several detailed examples of statements in the book that are contradicted by published scientific research. By Kenneth R. Miller, Professor of Biology at Brown University.
Phillip Johnson on ARN
Articles, Johnson's book review essays from Books and Culture, bibliography of his published books and articles, and book and tape catalog. Phillip Johnson speaking schedule.
Progressions, The Book
Book topics include stages of human development, integral evolution, a model of the soul, chakras and rays, science and wisdom teachings, and intelligent design.
A Quest for Creation Answers
Earth-Moon cycles and their relationship to creation, slowing spin of the earth, created time.
Reasons To Believe
Web site of astronomer Hugh Ross, who presents scientific support for creationism, postulating that the creation days of Genesis were long periods of time.
Special/Intelligent Design Features
Examples of complexity and design from the Answers in Genesis website.
The Virtual Office of Robert C. Koons
University of Texas professor approaches theistic science and intelligent design from a philosophical logic perspective.
The Wedge Strategy
Widely circulated document from the Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture laying out a strategic plan for the dissemination of a non-materialist approach to science, focusing particularly on design theory.
Report on the ASA Conference Debate on Pandas and People Textbook
Observations of a debate about the controversial textbook at a Christian science organization, with the conclusion that a purely naturalistic view of evolution leaves many difficult questions unanswered. From the website of the book's publisher, Access Research Network. (July 01, 1995)
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