Sites in the category deal with the debate of creation vs. evolution.

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The American Scientific Affiliation Creation/Evolution Page
Resources on various sides of the issue, including historical, scientific and biblical/theological papers as well as relevant news items.
CARM: Evolution Debate Archive
Debates on dating methods, transitional forms, genetics, and the philosophy of science.
Christian Newswire: Creation / Evolution
An RSS news feed for articles on creation and evolution. [RSS]
Creation Engineering Concepts
Scientific evidence for Biblical creation and history of the theory of evolution.
Creation Ministries International
Scientific, academic, and technological data, includes archived magazine articles.
Creation Studies Institute
Scientific evidence to support creation as written in the book of Genesis.
Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia
Over 700 printed pages supporting the debate of creation vs. evolution
Creation/Evolution Organizations
This is a directory of organizations and list servers in the creation/evolution controversy.
Discusses models for the creation of the universe and earth.
Evidence in the fields of physics, biology, geology, and other areas of science.
Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved
From 1925 by William A. Williams. An article from a historical perspective, regardless of one's belief.
The Genesis Network
Detailed synopsis of the question of origins using the Bible and Scientific evidence.
God, Evolution, and the Big Bang
a pamphlet responding to some of the common misconceptions about the relationship between science and religion, and giving some of the evidence for evolution and the Big Bang
Insects Bug Evolutionism
Arguments against Darwinian evolution from the standpoint of creationism and using examples from the insect world.
Institute for Creation Research - ICR
Indepth scientific and biblical information regarding the creation/evolution controversy.
The Revolution Against Evolution
A site with links to a number of essays on the Creation-Evolution controversy.
Scientific Proof Against Evolution
Article refuting the veracity of Darwinian theory with scientific support and apologetics.
Tas Walker's Biblical Geology
Interprets geological evidence using a model based on Noah's Flood and biblical history; addresses creation vs evolution debate.
Ten Significant Court Decisions
Summaries of 10 court decisions on creation-evolution issues from 1968 to 2005, with links to the decisions.
Was Darwin Right?
Creationist site examines Darwin's propositions and offers alternate explanations for evidence cited in favor of evolution.
Inherit The Spin
Questions and responses from both the NCSE and a creation scientist. (January 15, 2002)
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