This category contains Christian Testimonies of how God has affected their lives.

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2! A Book about Signs and Miracles from God
Coincidences of the number 2 are in this personal testimony. Poems and praises are included.
Allison, Neal: House of Prayer
Shares his testimony and accepts prayer requests.
Amelia: Love in the Lord
Testimony of a friendship that will last forever.
Atanasov, Zarko: The Darkest Night of My Life
A testimony of suffering with cancer, receiving chemotherapy with the side effects of nightmares, hallucination, fear, anger, paranoia and madness. At last PEACE of God.
A Breath of Fresh Air
Personal testimony from drugs to Jesus, with scripture references and on-line devotions.
Burton, Ken: Hot Pursuit
Saved from a life of violence, crime, and drugs. A fugitive for 10 years running from a 25 to 40 year prison sentence returns to face the charges after receiving the Holy Ghost.
Changed Lives
True testimonies of real people whose lives have been radically, wonderfully and permanently changed by Jesus Christ. These stories are shared in the categories of abuse, addictions, emotional and physical healing, miscellaneous.
Christian Testimonies
Collection of personal testimonies of how coming to faith in God changes lives.
Christian Testimonies - Stories
Read personal Christian testimonies of faith, hope, healing, salvation, miracles, marriage restoration. Share stories.
Conversions in India - Testimonies
A Christ-centered blog that shares experiences of several Non-Christians in India who have found Hope in Jesus. Their reason for seeking Jesus and their formative Christian experiences and personal accounts.
De Wolf, Bart: True Christian Testimony and Info For Christians
An evil spirit is cast out, coincidences with world events, fire of the Lord fell in El Salvador.
Doctor Mike: The "Living For God" Home Page
Sharing spiritual stories for the purpose of strengthening faith and encouragement to bear good fruit on a daily basis.
Dominguez, Sonny
Testimony from a teen set free from addiction to pornography.
Downey, Dan: Abiding in the Healing Word
Collection of healing testimonies, healing scriptures, poetry and praise.
Esther's unusual story
A handicapped girl tells of her relationship with God. In both German and English.
God's Love
Brief personal testimony and links.
God's Messy Child
Archived blog with testimonies of the day to day time spent with Jesus Christ.
Goodman Jr, Pastor Francis D: Christian Testimony
Testimony of Pastor Frank Goodman who went from being a police officer to pastor.
Grubb, Fran
At nine years old Fran was kidnapped from an orphanage in South Carolina by an escaped convicted child molester. Her seven year ordeal offers hope to those who have suffered similar experiences. By Fran's testimony she shows that healing is possible.
Guzdziol, Joe: Touched by the Hand of God
Saved and set free from alcohol and drugs, a man shares what the Lord Jesus Christ can do in a life.
Holmes, Derek: How to find God
This is the true testimony of one man's search for God.
Hope for the Hope Challenged
Blog for the encouragement and hope in Jesus with supplemented with poetry, short stories and photos.
Jeanine, Jessie: A survivor inspired by the tragedies and triumphs of life.
Sharing works of poetry, small articles, and life accounts with Jesus Christ.
Jennifer: Leaving Mormonism for the Lord
Personal testimony about leaving the Mormon church.
Joe Stallard
Sharing the events leading up to his heart attack and the on-going spiritual quest that ensued.
Journey of Faith
Explains how God provided for him in a thirty year journey.
Julie: Jesus is Lord
Shares one woman's personal journey of faith, including marriage and family life and experimentation with drugs.
Kodiyil, John: How I met Jesus
From Catholicism to Islam to a relationship with Jesus Christ; the search for and discovery of a living, loving God and savior.
Love Made Known
A collection of Christian testimonies portraying the work that Jesus continues to do in the lives of ordinary people.
Marty: LongRider's Testimony
Testimony of how Jesus saved this biker from a life of drug and alcohol abuse. Testimony of US President G.W. Bush is also included.
McCormack, Ian
Ian McCormack was diving off Mauritius when he was lethally stung. This is a story of the afterlife.
McDaniel, J.A.: Christian Testimonies for Jesus
A collection of Christian testimonies.
McMaster, Pete: Soul Winners
Personal testimony about the deliverance from a life of drugs. Articles include Demons and Broken Chains.
McQuinn, Larry: God's Treasure Pouch
Testimony about open heart surgery and recovery.
Mike: My Loves
Testimony of acceptance of salvation by faith not action.
My Christian Walk!
Stories of encouragement and commitment to Christ.
My vision/nde of hell and convicting life-review
Christian testimony, which started in 2008 with a near-death-experience in the form of a six hour vision of hellish scenes followed by a life-review.
Neavi Isaac: Living Connections Ministry
Offers salvation and miracle testimonies from New Zealand.
Nick's Sanctuary
Nick Payne is a Christian living and worshipping in central England. His website is an ongoing personal testimony that wrestles with faith, the news, relationships and the media.
Outpoured | My Mighty King
This personal blog is a collection of journal entries of what God has done, what He is doing, and what He will be doing.
Reflection Of Grace
Daily entries of a young lady journaling her thoughts and experiences in her Christian walk.
Rindfuss, Rev R.G.: Wealth in the Word
Testimony of an atheist who became an ordained Christian minister
Road to Salvation
Testimony, FAQ, and offer of free Bible.
Ruhf, Robert J.
A man's conversion at age 16 and the process of learning and growing that followed.
Serious Things
Personal witnessing of God's signs, wonders, answered prayers, and teachings.
Skeen, Pepper: Living in the Tree of Life
Personal testimony of salvation and how Jesus has changed a life from one of brokenness and despair to one of joy and love.
Sober Minded
Dedicated to the author's son Joe, to sober thinking and living that glorifies God.
This site is a Christian discipleship and teaching blog with the purpose of encouraging believers to a deeper commitment to love, obey and follow Jesus Christ.
Testimony Share
Read and share testimonies about salvation, deliverance, martyrdom and other Christian topics.
Testimony Share
Read and share Biblical and modern testimonies about salvation, deliverance, martyrdom and other Christian topics. [RSS]
Testimonies from men and women on Death Row.
This is My Story
Testimony of being freed from alcoholism by Jesus Christ.
Thomson, Steve: Stevensworld Christian Testimony
Find out how God brought Steve closer through the gift of juggling.
Timothy Gopagani
Ramakrishna is a Hindu born man who got lost in family debt before Jesus Christ came into his life. Testimony can be read in English, Hindi, German and Spanish.
Van de Paar: Our Journey with God
A personal story of how Roel and Isabella experienced their journey with God.
Wakeup Call
A short story about not taking God's gifts for granted.
Welty, John: Testimony, Articles, and Links of Interest
Personal testimony and articles along with links concerning faith, baptism, and today's church.
Whitmore, Stephen: Water of Life
Computer analyst realizes that God directed the course of his life. Additional testimonies from friends.
Wings of Love
A blog about personal experiences, testimonies and sharing Christian living.
Words of Testimony
Real life stories of the power of Jesus Christ working in the lives of everyday people.
One man's dream reminds him of the importance of sharing his faith.
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