Personal web sites consisting predominantly of original writings related to aspects of Christianity.
Allan, David W: The Faith of a Scientist
Spiritual articles, particularly relating to LDS, and patriotic writings of a physicist.
Begnaud, Robert J.: Make Straight the Way of the Lord
Series of articles critical of conventional Christianity.
Bouter, Chris: Institutio Scripturarum
[English, Dutch] Bible studies, poems, and doctrinal articles.
Dolphin, Lambert: Resource Library
Large collection of articles and original essays from a Christian perspective on topics including God, the Bible, and science.
Hicks, John Mark
Online articles in theology and Biblical studies by Professor of Theology at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.
Hostetler, Bob
Christian author and speaker with selected articles and biographical information.
Jesus is the Light of the World
Topical articles challenging popular notions with Biblical truth, Christian stories, and Bible study lessons.
Kinneer, Jack: Echo Hills Christian Study Center
Essays on Christian basics, worship, and reformed theology.
Lehardy, Charles: Another Think
FAQ, topical essays on Christianity in the post-modern world.
O'Hearn, Tim: Minutes with Messiah
Articles from monthly bulletin. Bible questions and answers. Information about the Riverside church of Christ in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Pickle, Bob: Research Papers
Bible prophecy and doctrinal articles.
Reason 4 Living
Answers to common questions about faith, society, and Christian living.
Tao of Christ
Pastor follows Christianity in dialogue with the ancient truths of Tao.
Turner, Allan: Re: Thinking
Topical and theological articles, Bible commentaries, biographical introduction, and the Newton Church of Christ.
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Online Essay File
Large collection of essays by author, subject, and Bible passage (RTF, PDF).
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