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Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Patrick
Lengthy biographical article on the Apostle of Ireland.
Catholic Online: Saint Patrick
Short illustrated biography.
Domestic Church: Saint Patrick
Two original accounts of the life of St. Patrick: for children ages 0-8, and children 8-14. Illustrated.
Hymn on the Life of St. Patrick
Story of St. Patrick told in verse. Translated from Old Irish. Written sometime between fifth and eighth centuries, by Fiacc.
Ireland's Church Planter--St. Patrick
Short version of Ralph F. Wilson's "Will the Real St. Patrick Please Stand Up?"
Irish Opposition to "Pagan" Statute of St. Patrick
March, 1997, article about Irish opposition to replacing a traditional statue of St. Patrick at Tara with a modern sculpture of a "bald man in a mini-skirt".
James Kiefer's Christian Biographies: Patrick of Ireland
Anglican perspective. Includes the Lorica (Breastplate of St. Patrick), as well as the prayer for his feast day in traditional Anglican and contemporary language.
The Legends of Saint Patrick
By Aubrey De Vere. Ancient stories, and the saint's own "Confession," rendered as English verse. Includes biographical introduction by the editor. Available in several formats. At Project Gutenberg.
Illustrated profile of the Apostle of Ireland.
A Saint a Day: St. Patrick
Short biography, suitable for children.
Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland
From the book "Lives of Saints," published by John J. Crawley.
The St. Patrick You Never Knew
A special St. Anthony Messenger feature on the real St. Patrick, and his significance today.
St. Patrick's Day: The History
Brief biography of St. Patrick.
St. Patrick, Bishop, Confessor, Apostle of Ireland
Hagiography, from Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints.
Was St. Patrick Catholic?
Biographical essay on St. Patrick, by James Akin, with quotes from the saint's writings.
Will the Real St. Patrick Please Stand Up?
Essay on the "exuberant faith and steadfast character" of the historical St. Patrick, by Ralph F. Wilson.
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