Alongside Ministries
A Christian counseling and retreat ministry geared to the unique needs of Christian leaders, especially pastors and missionaries.
Armorbearer International
Purpose is to help leaders and supporters build strong teams especially in the local church. Includes workshops, newsletter and questions.
The Association of Marriage and Family Ministries
Delivering resources to the marketplace, serving pastors, teachers, trainers, mentors, life coaches, and counselors.
Barnabas Network International
Exists as a support vehicle for those involved in church leadership and pastoral care - providing practical insights, reflections and resources.
Broomtree Ministries Free Pastor Retreats
Several free retreats are offered to pastors each year.
Bullied and Abused Lives in Ministry
An international and inter-denominational support group for Christian ministers who have been bullied or abused in ministry, and for their close family members.
Care for Pastors
Provides resources of encouragement and counsel for pastors, missionaries, and other Christian leaders who are on the brink of career, marital and/or spiritual decline.
CareGivers Forum
A once a year gathering of people involved in the ministry of caring for professional Christian workers and their families. This site provides information about the annual conference and a directory of ministries providing services.
Expositor's Quote of the Week
Inspirational quotes on preaching, encouraging preachers to fulfill their high calling.
Resources and support for clergypersons and other religious professionals in recovery.
A community of pastors supporting each other during challenging times. A place to share, ask, encourage and grow.
Joy Bringer Ministries
Dedicated especially to people in ministry who are hurting.
The Mountain Learning Center
An inter-denominational mountain retreat experience for pastors and their spouses to revitalize their relationship with God, self and others.
My Pastor
Ideas, resources, and poems to help with pastor appreciation, anniversary celebrations, searches, and burnout.
National Conservative Christian Church
Non-denominational ministerial fellowship that provides ordination and support to ministers.
Overseas Ministries Studies Center
Provides a place and a program where church leaders and missionaries from around the world can find spiritual, professional, and physical renewal through our residential, academic, and study programs.
Pastor Burnout
Offers support and resources to help pastors combat and overcome ministry burnout.
Pastor Training International
Seeks to strengthen the church by providing training conferences, mentoring, and literature for pastors and church leaders in the developing world.
Offers confidential, one-on-one counsel and support to hurting pastors.
The Pastors Network
Fellowship of pastors of smaller churches in the Southern California area who meet every third Thursday at Clifton's Cafeteria in West Covina, CA at 1:00 p.m.
Peacemaker Ministries
Training and resources to help resolve and prevent church conflict.
Personal Spiritual Retreat
Provides, free of charge, a place of rest, restoration and refocus for pastors. Located in Bradenton Florida.
PIR Ministries
Provides refuge churches for forcibly exited pastors and for pastors who have had a moral failure. It is a program of restoration with the intention of placing the pastor back into ministry.
Rev. Sue Lang offers workshops and seminars, leadership retreats, coaching, consultation and crisis management, in a congregation or ministry setting. Includes Lang's biography and writing resume.
Sarah's Tent
Encouragement and resources in a community atmosphere for pastors' wives and ministry women including a free newsletter entitled 'Joy In The Kitchen'.
Smoldering Wick Ministries
Non denominational support for ministry leaders that are burned-out, hurting or wounded. Overview, situations, seminars and resources.
Thriving Pastor
Includes encouragement, suggested resources, and a variety of features to assist pastors in being cultural leaders.Offers a focus on the family.
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