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All Nations Christian College
An independent mission training institution equips students for multi-cultural missionary endeavors near London, England. Features course information, facilities, staff biographies and contact details.
Altogether Lovely Ministries
An interdenominational, evangelical organization providing online and on campus training in evangelism, missions, discipleship, biblical ESL, language acquisition, and counseling.
Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute (ACTI)
Provides post-seminary and pre-field training for long-term cross-cultural missions work in Singapore. Features programs in mission theology, anthropology and linguistics, comparative studies in world religions, and major cultures.
Black Forest Academy
English language grades 1 to 12 Christian school in Kandern, Germany, serves missionary and international business families in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Features a residential boarding program for grades 7 to 12.
Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers
An international inter-denominational Christian missionary organisation engaged in equipping students in Biblical teaching and practical training. Features Bible schools and conference centres around the world.
Christian Education Europe
Provides Accelerated Christian Education materials and services to schools and home schools in the United Kingdom and Europe.
Christians In Crisis
An advocacy group based in Sacramento, California brings awareness to the plight of Christians in crisis around the world. Features church/convention presentations, videos, audio cassettes, and print publications.
Church Leadership Development International
Provides training and resources for pastors in developing countries to help them develop healthy, multiplying, churches.
Dorothea Mission
An interdenominational organisation which co-operates with recognised evangelical churches in Southern Africa to train evangelists for ministry in churches and other missionary organisations. Features resources, opportunities, and news.
Ellel Ministries International
An evangelism, healing, deliverance, and discipleship ministry with training centers in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
Emmaus Road International
Offers publications, cassettes, seminars and trips for cross-cultural outreach training.
Equip International
Provides training courses and preparation for people interested in missions and ministry.
European Training Programme
Offers modular courses in language and culture learning, linguistics, and Bible translation in the UK, France, or Germany.
Far Reaching Ministries
Training indigenous pastors to minister in Africa. Sponsors relief activities, support and establish local missionary churches and schools.
GTM Music Missionaries
Provides culturally sensitive music and worship training for indigenous musicians.
Heart of God Ministries
Five-month missionary training program for students.
Jamaica Bible Seminary
The curriculum offers a range of courses that meet the needs of students who aspire to be ministers or church leaders. The policies and programs of the Seminary represent the general belief and practice of the Churches of Christ and the Christian Churches, historically known as the Restoration Movement.
The Master's Mission
An eleven month training program designed to prepare missionary families for the challenges of remote and urban missionary service worldwide based in Robbinsville, North Carolina. Features the Missionews newsletter archive [PDF].
The Missionary Training Service MTS
Provides courses and training booklets for preparing missionaries and tentmakers in practical skills. Features downloadable materials.
Online School of Mission
Training program free of cost for churches, individuals, missions and cell groups.
Perspectives Study Program
A course offered at regional world missions centers, examining perspectives on global outreach and mission.
Servants in Faith and Technology
Trains indigenous missionaries and meets needs with community development.
World Christians
Offers 85 studies in evangelism, mission, discipleship, calling, finances, leadership and the church.
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