2008 Shroud Science Group International Conference
Information and papers from this conference in Ohio, USA
Collegamento pro Sindone
[English, Italian] A e-zine which contains research articles
Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin (CSST)
Presents the research of Dr. Alan and Mrs. Mary Whanger
Crucifixion and Shroud Studies
Studies of the medical aspects of crucifixion presented by Dr. Frederick Zugibe, a forensic pathologist
The Crucifixion and the Shroud
Non-profit crganization and a resource for all those interested and who want to know more about the crucifixion of Jesus and the Shroud of Turin.
Holy Face Association
Promotes devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus, as seen on the Holy Shroud and preserved in Turin. Devotional prayers, and descriptions of the shroud.
Man in the Shroud
The Shroud Ministry & Lecture Series by David M. Onysko
Mission of the Shroud
Devoted to revelations revealed through research into the Holy Shroud of Turin
Science and the Shroud of Turin
Article by Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph. D.,Magis Center of Reason and Faith, which looks at the history of scientific theories and its results in light of new evidence.
Shroud Encounter
Could the Shroud of Turin be the authentic burial cloth that wrapped Jesus in the tomb? Russ Breault presents a dramatic big screen experience.
Shroud Exhibit and Museum, Inc. (iSEAM)
[Multilingual] Deacon Pete Schumacher, VP8 Image Analyzer Engineer, & Deacon Andy Weiss, webmaster, museum features: 3D, comprehensive slideshow, original Shroud search page, research, papers & multimedia.
The Shroud of Turin
[English, some Spanish] The original Shroud site: exhaustive repository of Shroud papers, exhaustive book list and other information useful to all visitors wanting to learn
Shroud of Turin Blog
A guide through the historical and scientific evidence designed for the layman. Site closed used only for archive purposes.
The Shroud of Turin for Children
Site designed for children to learn about the Turin Shroud including an area for children to submit their own drawings and artwork
Shroud of Turin in 3D
Three-dimensional holographic research by Dr. Petrus Soons on the brightness map that is the image on the Shroud
Mario Latendresse, Ph.D. features Shroud Scope, a utility that permits closeup viewing and measurements of the Shroud
Studio Sindone
Focuses on negative and three-dimensional image of the Shroud, highlighting that it's the science itself to recognize its authenticity
Turin Shroud Center of Colorado
Dr. John Jackson, STURP organizer, dedicated to research and education on the Shroud of Turin
World Mysteries - Shroud of Turin
Suggests the relic considered to be Christ's burial cloth, is much older than early estimates based on Carbon-14 dating
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