The purpose of the this category "Answers for Non-Christians" is for sites which address the life of Jesus on earth in a scholarly manner and which correct false views of Jesus held by various non-Christian groups. For instance, sites appropriate for this category would be those which correct certain non-historical beliefs such as 1) the Moslem claim that Jesus did not die on the Cross, 2) the new age claim that Jesus travelled to India, and 3) the radical humanist claims of the so-called Jesus Seminar which falsely assert that Jesus did not perform miracles or rise from the dead, and which also falsely assert that the Gospel record of the life of Jesus is largely ahistorical.

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Answers on Jesus Christ's Life, Death and Resurrection
Answers to all the most frequently asked questions about Christ. Examine the evidence for His divinity, miracles and claims.
Answers questions about Jesus, Christianity and Islam.
Beyond Blind Faith
Article exploring and investigating the claims of Jesus Christ.
Breaking The Da Vinci Code - Christianity Today Magazine
Examines the bizarre accusations made by the author of the "Da Vinci Code" and ABC News.
Brent Bozell: ABC's Empty Assault on Jesus
Commentary against an ABC News program devoted to the conspiracy theory found in the book "The Da Vinci Code."
Comparing Jesus and World Religions
A brief look into the major aspects of Jesus Christ, in contrast to what's in the world's religions.
The Gospel According to the Jesus Seminar
A critique of the Jesus Seminar by Dr. Birger Pearson of the University of California.
The Jesus Seminar - ChristianAnswers.Net
Who does the Jesus Seminar really speak for?
Was Jesus married?
Hal Lindsey answers the blasphemous accusations made by ABC News.
Who Was Jesus?
A critique of unorthodox and bizarre theories regarding Jesus.
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