Sites whose main content is Christian comics or cartoons.

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Humorous cartoons about life and faith.
After Eden
Weekly cartoons reflecting on God, creation, sin, and salvation.
Altar Ego
Christian cartoons and humor for Church and Christian publications by cartoonist Len Jones.
Atelier Auderset
Christian humoristic comics by an author named Alain. This comic strip can be viewed in multiple languages.
The Back Pew
Dedicated to sharing Christian cartoons and clean humor to the world.
Supplies cartoons for church newsletters, cartoon-based worksheets on Christian themes, and a weblog.
Cartoons for Christ by HooRay
Cartoons, art, commentary on the Bible. Scripture by Jesus.
Christian and Family Cartoons
A large selection of free Christian cartoons and family cartoons, plus comics - submissions welcomed.
Christian Cartoons
Cartoons updated daily, comics, electronic greeting cards, tools and links.
Christian Comics International
Online guide to Christian comic strip websites. FAQ, news, and upcoming events.
Church Mice
A Christian comic strip about a mouse pastor and his church. Artist information, weekly sermon, and cartoon archives.
Church Of The Covered Dish
Pastor Thom Tapp's single panel cartoons that show that humor abounds in the church.
Coffee With Jesus
Witty four-panel comic strips that speculate about what it would be like to have Coffee with Jesus.
David's Herd
A funny comic series about King David as a shepherd, tending his sheep. The only problem is his sheep do not always cooperate.
Free Illustrated Bible
Offers free Bible stories in a graphic novel/ comic book format.
Short comics that address faith, evangelism and on occasion, politics from a conservative Christian perspective.
Good Medicine Cartoons
Religious "Far Side" type cartoons. Endorsed by Bil Keane and Johnny Hart.
Norman Christian Cartoons
Cartoons about an ordinary guy living the Christian life.
Pastor Shep
Weekly Christian comic strip that pokes fun at the blunders of ministers as they struggle to be followers of Christ and leaders of people.
Pontius' Puddle
Lists cartoons by various subjects.
Prayer Pups Christian Comics
Daily Christian comics featuring the exploits of five little dogs trying to please God.
Reverend Fun
Cartoon updated daily. Includes mailing list, archives, author's page, and information on book.
Sacred and Sequential
A website dedicated to studying and exploring the interplay of faith and comic books, comic strips, and similar art.
The SideStream
Christian cartoons plus free Christian clipart and comics.
Single panel cartoons about life, kids, Christianity and church.
(English and Spanish) Follow the cartoon adventures of Theophilus as he learns about following Jesus.
Yolkfellow Falls
A monthly, one-panel gag strip.
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