This category includes humor for Christians, about Christianity itself.

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Bible Bell Chronicles
Clean humor. Fun quizzes and polls. Links. Updated weekly. Humor Archive
A collection of clean jokes, many having to do with Christianity or religion.
Christian Humor Hotline
Top Ten Lists, one-liners, links to more Christian humor.
Christian Humorist
Bogus interviews and funny weblog entries.
Christians Unite - Clean and Christian Jokes
A large collection of Christian jokes, clean jokes, and family safe jokes.
Church Ads We'd Like to See
A lampoon of ads which are only a bit more absurd and obvious than in the actual Yellow Pages.
Churches Ad Hoc: A Divine Comedy
Offbeat look at churches in America through photographs.
Comic Relief
John Mark Ministries humor page.
Alternatives tales of the creation, 'as found on tablets of soap'.
Genesis Project Memos
Was Earth made by committee? Read how a single planet with rivers of Milk and Honey turned into one of nine pieces of rock (and gas) orbiting its peripheral device.
The Holy Observer
The Lighter Side of Christian News.
The Holy Observer
News with humor and satire. [RSS]
Jokes, and humorous trivia shared by the Christian Cyberworld, categorized and edited.
The Joyful Noiseletter
Interdenominational monthly newsletter full of Christian humor, joy, cartoons, bulletin bloopers, jokes, anecdotes, articles. Includes catalog of humor/joy books and prints of "Risen Christ by the Sea".
Lark News
News for Christians with a sense of humor.
Marilyn's Ribtickler
Humorous articles for Christian women.
Mission Field Humor
Examples of the funny things that happen when you live and minister in cross-cultural situations.
Murray's World
Murray, a small ape, travels the world looking for truth, the meaning of life and the perfect banana.
Oneliners and Proverbs
Oneliners, proverbs, quotes, jokes, sayings and thoughts that provoke laughter or deep thoughts. Gathered from all around the world.
The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues
The Seven Deadly Sins are those transgressions fatal to spiritual progress.
Sheep Laughs: Christian Comedy
Jokes, a comedian list, and audio clips.
Ship of Fools
"The Magazine of Christian Unrest" - Christian humor magazine.
Sword & Spirit: The Funny Pages
Satirical new stories and humorous cartoons.
Virtual Christian Center Funny Pages
Small collection of Christian humor.
The Walrus Times
Satirical and humorous newspaper serving up parodies on modern society from a Christian perspective.
The Wittenburg Door
Online version of Christian satire magazine. Selected articles from current and previous issues.
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