Personal pages proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Annie's Home Page
Prayer Warriors, web design help, comfort and encouragement, bible studies and how to be an internet missionary.
Bride of Christ
See a vision of the rapture, find healing in the prayer garden, hear a supernatural love song, see what the Spirit is saying to the churches.
Sermons with scriptural references, stories and multimedia presentations.
Come to Jesus
Guide to salvation and information about Jesus, God, heaven, Christianity and the Bible. Includes some humour.
Musings on a variety of subjects by a conservative evangelical.
Grow In Christ
This ministry exists to promote an understanding of Christianity and to aid Christians in their spiritual growth.
He Lives
Ten reasons to live for Jesus, explanation of how to be saved, and links.
Hope In Despair
The terrorists attacked, but there is hope and strength in the Lord. The Lord encourages, reassures, and comforts us with His words.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Evangelistic messages and teachings.
Jesus Freaks Unite
Reasons to believe in God and information on how to be saved and grow as a Christian. Also includes information on the author, a sample sermon, and links.
Jesus is Lord
Introduces people to the Person of Jesus Christ, the gospel of salvation and bible study tools. It contains articles on apologetics, spiritual warfare and apostasy.
Jesus still lives
Articles by Martin Hotchkiss Jr encouraging readers to get saved and read their bibles; also some links.
Liardon, Roberts
Spirit-filled evangelistic site with online book and tape store.
Lin's Christian Exchange
Studies and testimony of the blood of Jesus. Inspiration, Jukebox, recipes, poems, domestic violence and sexual assault help.
The March Family
A Treasure Seekers presentation of the gospel.
Miracles Happen
The Lord does miracles even now. Here you will find games, poems, scripture, and testimony to encourage you in your daily walk.
More Than Conquerors
Proclaiming salvation, deliverance and victory through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Morning Star & Police
Evangelism as a policeman, scripture, baptism, our identity in Jesus.
The Mystery of God
Understand the mystery that Christ is in us with articles on being set free, the law, and riches of grace.
One Way
Good news of Jesus Christ, gospel articles, Bible studies, and multilingual Bible verses.
Rider for Christ
Home of a Christian motorcyclist. Testimony, information on bikers in New Zealand, and appeal to salvation.
Saved and Healed
Healing by faith, testimonies, short teachings, quotes from Christian leaders, poetry, book reviews and ministry links.
Spirit and Truth
Monthly message for Christians as well as help for non-Christians about how and why to turn to Jesus for help.
Theologically Correct Dot Com
Kery Glliard's view of what the Christian faith is about, discussion of theological questions and helps for new Christians.
True Spiritual Realities
Thoughts on God, prayer, and how to be born again. Also includes Christian jokes.
True Success in Life
How to attain true success in life by accepting Jesus. Also includes links.
Under His Wings II
Educating people about God's redemption, grace, forgiveness and everlasting love.
Your Most Important Relationship
Learn how to have the personal relationship God created people to have with Him.
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