This category contains sites created for non-Christian viewers with the purpose of converting them to Christianity.

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Amazing Change
Articles, stories, recommended resources, and links encouraging non-Christians to receive salvation.
Born Again Christian Info
Bible studies, salvation, healing testimonies, sermons, gospel tracts, store, music, ministry materials and evangelism tips.
CBH Ministries: The Greatest Gift
An animated graphic flash movie that shares the Gospel.
Christ's Ambassadors
Small family of believers in Georgia. Testimonies, how to be saved, free book offer, Bible studies, and links.
Christian outreach utilizing the internet to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Including devotionals, bibles and other resources.
Eternal Freedom
How to be saved and what happens afterwards, with Bible references.
Eternal Life Through Jesus Christ
An animation presenting the plan of salvation and a contact form for additional information from Faith Baptist Church in Pennsylvania.
eThoughts: LIFE Questions - Why Are We Here?
Questions about Life. Why are we here? Was it all an accident of nature? Or was there someone behind it all?
Finding Your Way
Helping people find a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ
God's Plan of Salvation
Explains how to know Christ and have eternal life. Also provides follow-up study materials.
The Good Person Test
Interactive quiz presenting Bible teachings about salvation.
Gospel of Peace Christian Assembly
Information on hell, benefits of salvation, how to be saved, and what to do afterwards. Includes Real Audio files.
Got Life?
A flash presentation that demonstrates and proves with historical evidences that the message of the Bible is true.
Heaven is a Free Gift
Gospel message and helpful Bible references relating to various needs. Questions submitted by readers are answered.
Heaven or Hell?
Quiz and explanation of what will or will not get a person to heaven.
How to Know Jesus Personally
Tells how to be saved.
If You Were to Suddenly Die
Presentation of the Gospel message. [Flash]
Jesus Christ Is God
Presents the salvation message and materials to aid in spiritual discovery and growth.
Jesus for life
Biblical based answers about who is Jesus, the plan of salvation and eternal life.
The Jesus Page
Explains what it means to be a Christian, to follow Jesus, how to be born again. Also, experiences as a street preacher.
Jesus Saves
An internet-based evangelism ministry.
A Little Good News
Site is dedicated to sharing the Good News of the gospel.
Meet Jesus
A presentation of the gospel by Back to the Bible.
My Redeemer Lives
Information on Jesus and how to be saved, form to submit prayer requests, testimonies and poems of praise, and links to sites offering Christian e-cards and other resources.
A quick 8-question test about meeting God’s standards for eternal life in heaven.
Passion of the Cross
Evangelistic website featuring a depiction and information about Jesus' crucifixion with details found in prophecies in the Old Testament.
A flash presentation of the gospel with information and resources for new Christians.
Try Jesus
Scripture based answers to life's questions about Christianity, Jesus and the Bible. Includes personal stories.
The Way of Salvation
Explains how visitors can accept Jesus as their own personal Saviour and receive eternal life.
What If You Died?
Discusses the ultimate end of man.
What Jesus Said
Jesus' teachings on various topics and information on how to have abundant life.
Who Am I? The Gospel Truth About Mankind
A collection of writings and a forum designed to help people in their search for worth in human life.
Wondering About God?
Flash and HTML presentations on how to have a relationship with God.
You Can Find Love
Presents the gospel through discussions about romance, explaining that God is the answer to the human need for love. Available in three levels of English and several non-English languages.
Your Destiny Your Choice
A cartoon flash presentation of the gospel with resources for new Christians.
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