This category lists personal pages that are geared toward individuals trying to learn more about the Christian faith.

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Above the Noise
How to be saved, bi-weekly devotional, testimony, links, and contact information to send prayer requests.
Born Again
A Christian explains what is meant by terms like "born again," "salvation," and "eternal life."
Christ Loves
Studies, testimonies, information on free e-mail counselling with transcripts of previous sessions, and jokes.
Christianity for Newbies
Reasons to become a Christian and a step-by-step explanation of how to do so.
The G-Site
Tells about God's love and explains how to be saved. "Christian Tips" articles, poetry, and information on God, salvation, and the Bible.
God's Love and Truth
Wisdom quotes, Bible verses about truth and love, sermon aids, stories about the devil, and descriptions of false Christians.
Links, stories, and thoughts on a variety of Christian topics.
Heaven 4 Sure
Offers short stories, testimonies, Bible teaching, and free shipping of reading material.
How You Can Find God
One man's testimony, as well as thoughts on prayer, church, and suffering.
Lukewarm Outreach
Directed toward the professing Christian. Articles, songs, and poems.
The Meaning of Life
Casual introductions to the basics of Christianity and why Christian beliefs are reasonable, as well as an introduction to Christianity for Muslims, a discussion of Islam and Terrorism, and some IT content.
Religious Interests
Articles and links on matters of personal interest to the author as well as polls, a collection of gospel stories for children, and links to sites on Jesus and how to be saved.
The Truth about Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit
Shares what the Bible says about obeying God's commands, being a holy temple for God, truth, baptism, prayer, faith, and grace.
Yahweh's Family Gathering Center
One man's testimony, beliefs on how to be saved, and articles on doctrinal issues. Includes form to submit prayer requests.
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