Bible study sites included in this category are specifically aimed at introducing non-Christians to the Christian faith.

Bible study sites designed for Christians are listed in Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Faiths_and_Beliefs/Christianity/Bible/Bible_Study.

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Articles for Non-Christians
Dozens of short writings about heaven, suicide, sex, God, healing, Jesus, religion, romance, forgiveness, and the purpose of life.
Atheist and Agnostic Help Page
Explores important questions about Jesus, Jesus' resurrection, the Bible, fulfilled prophecy, science and creation, and hell.
Bible Studies Net
Bible study lessons to those wanting to know more about God, Jesus and the Bible.
Christ's Incarnation
Examines God becoming flesh to mingle Himself with humanity to initiate the process whereby God would redeem man, destroy Satan, and gain a counterpart.
Common Objections to Christianity
Bible studies that address suffering, evolution, and the validity of the Bible.
The Death of Christ
Examines Christ's death in the context of God's purpose and Christian experience.
Discover Online
Answers to life's questions through a series of basic Bible lessons.
Eternal Life
Andrew Wommack teaches that eternal life is not just living forever.
Evangelistic Outreach
Don and Wendy Krow provide dozens of tracts directed to the non-believer.
How Do I Become a Christian?
What the Bible has to say about basic doctrines and becoming a Christian.
Jesus and the Intellectual
Considers the evidence concerning the claims of Jesus Christ.
Online Bible Lessons
Seven interactive Church of Christ Bible lessons introduce students to Jesus, the church and the way to eternal salvation.
The Universe and Beyond
Provides Bible study helps for those searching for God's Truth.
Why Suffering?
Examines whether God uses suffering to draw us closer to Him.
Word Universe
Studies of the person and teachings of Jesus linked to supporting Bible verses from the gospels.
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