This category contains sites for people who are interested in learning about Christianity or seeing what it has to say regarding their own lives or problems. Sites listed here are meant to provide low-pressure introductions to the basics of Christianity, answer common questions or concerns, and address specific groups of people in a way that acknowledges the complexities involved in choosing a religious worldview.

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Abarim Publications
An apologist offers articles on Apologetics, Bible research, Bible names, scripture theory, and book reviews.
An introduction the Christian faith. Includes sections on God, creation, sin, Jesus, becoming a Christian, and being sure of eternal life.
All about God
Information on God, Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian church, world religions, and popular issues.
Arabic Christian Directory
Provides a list of annotated links to Christian resources for Arabic-speaking people.
The Gospel explained through simple questions and answers from the Bible.
Christian community writes to challenge people to live a life of love and devotion. Addresses topics such as truth, Christian unity, and the relationship between faith and works.
Thoughts on issues affecting college students with information on Christianity. Includes contacts to answer questions and testimonies from other students.
Exploring Christianity
Articles explaining basic Christian concepts and Christian perspectives on modern issues.
For people looking for answers. Addressing questions about God, religion, and meaning in life as well as answering some of the objections people raise to Christianity.
Finding the Purpose of Life
Online book by Stan Jones that shows how to find meaning and purpose in life while exploring the message of God as revealed in the Bible.
The Global Church of Miracles and Healing
How to receive miracles through faith in Jesus.
The Goal
News and articles on sports with Christian information and testimonies by athletes.
God Help Me Please
Articles and examples of how God has helped and healed other people. Prayer requests welcomed.
Halftime Institute
An organization aiming to inspire business and professional leaders to look for a deeper significance in life. Includes personal stories, information on workshops and other events, newsletter, and FAQ.
Healing The Body of Christ
Information for people considering Christianity as well as help for new Christians and for Christians who desire to restore and strengthen their spiritual lives.
Hope for Life
Articles to help people find hope and to learn how to talk to God. Includes a prayer request form.
Hope in Jesus
Read teachings and instruction for overcoming sin, Satan and this world by true Christianity.
Hope Of Israel
Information on Christianity and messianic prophesy for Jews. Also includes Jewish tracts and general information on Judaism.
How to Become a Follower of Jesus
Explores who Jesus Christ really is and examines the basics of Christianity.
In His Steps Ministries: Spiritual Seekers
Archaeological information on the crucifixion and resurrection and on other religions, FAQ, recommended books and links, and contact information for those who wish to talk to someone about Christianity.
An Interactive Gospel Message
A list of beliefs held by Christians and interactive explanations and answers to objections for each belief.
Introducing Jesus
A basic Biblical explanation of who Jesus is, what he has done, and how to know him. FAQs on multiple topics.
Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Narrative of creation and of Jesus' life paraphrased from the Bible.
A Journey of Faith in Saint Patrick's Cathedral
A virtual tour through this Irish cathedral, with photographs and history, accompanied by information on Christianity.
Interactive discussion of the process of seeking for God and providing information on Christianity.
Naked Christianity Ministries
A series of seven teachings about basic Christianity.
Need Him
Flash presentation of the gospel that answers some of life's greatest questions, individually geared toward men and women and specific age groups.
Power to Change
Encourages personal growth and improvement through experiencing Christ. Includes answers to tough questions, testimonies of people who have gone through depression, alcoholism, sexual abuse and other struggles.
Risen Jesus
Provides evidence with citations for the reliability of the Bible's claims that Jesus was resurrected, with responses to possible criticisms.
Runaway World
A work of cultural apologetics by Michael Green contending that Christianity provides the best and most satisfying answer to a world running out of control.
Seek God, Find God, Know God
Inspiration to seek God and information to know God.
The Seeker Place
Celebrating the search for God. Poetry, stories, articles, music, and a forum and chat community.
Spending Time with Jim McGuiggan
Weekly messages as well as brief articles on a variety of topics for new believers, non-believers, and mature Christians.
To be a Christian
An eight-lesson guide on how to become and live as a Christian.
The Truth is the Truth
Thoughts on the nature of truth, comparison of the attributes of God and Jesus, passages of Christian teachings, and links to more resources.
Two Ways to Live : The Choice We All Face
Why one should choose to follow Christ.
Way to God
Articles, answers to basic questions, testimonies, dialogues, and audio presentations to help people searching for the way to God.
What Christianity Is All About
An introduction to Christianity with answers to tough questions and advice on choosing a church. An article about the origin of the New Testament.

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