This category is for sites about Swedenborgian Church congregations. It may include sites about individual churches, and directories or guides to them.
Auckland Society of the New Church
The New Christian Church, meant by the New Jerusalem in Rev 21, presents a new Christian approach to spiritual growth.
Bayside Swedenborgian Church
Bayside Swedenborgian Church is dedicated to explore and implement innovative means to spread Swedenborg's Writings and therefrom God's message through Swedenborg. Now available, entire scanned First Edition of the Writings at your click.
Bryn Athyn Cathedral
Conveys an experience that is derived from the building itself. The design of the web site is based upon conceptual investigation into the unique architectural and symbolic qualities present throughout the Cathedral [requires Javascript and Flash].
General Church of the New Jerusalem
A new Christianity based on the Old and New Testaments and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. The New Church is founded on the belief that the Lord God Jesus Christ is the one God of Heaven and earth.
Glendale New Church
Home of the Cincinnati congregation of the General Church of the New Jerusalem.
Kempton New Church
Home of the Kempton, PA congregation of the General Church of the New Jerusalem.
Mid-Michigan New Church
Guides to reading the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg.
New Church in Australia, The (Swedenborgian)
250 year-old church provides parishioners of all races in all countries a deeper and totally rational understanding of what it means to be a Christian in today's world.
New Church of Phoenix (Swedenborgian)
The New Church has been active in Phoenix for over thirty years.
New York New Church
Offers history, beliefs, calendar, rentals and blog.
The Pittsburgh New Church
A General Church of the New Jerusalem congregation in western Pennsylvania. Dedicated to finding a new Christianity that makes sense.
Sunrise Chapel
Home of the Tucson, Arizona congregation of the General Church of the New Jerusalem.
Swedenborg Library
Downtown learning center promoting practical spirituality based on the mystical insights of the brilliant eighteenth-century scientist, scholar and inventor, Emanuel Swedenborg. Includes mailing list, overview of services and events, and contact information.
Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco
Home page of the San Francisco, CA congregation of the Swedenborgian Church of North America.
Washington New Church
Home of the Washington D.C. congregation of the General Church of the New Jerusalem. Pastor Garry Walsh.
Wayfarers Chapel
Located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Photographs, map, history, contact information, architecture, information on services and events, and information on the Swedenborgians.
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