The word "Reformed" is confusing in that it can be used in different ways. At the broader level, "Reformed" refers to those denominations separated from the Lutheran (Protestant) churches of the Reformation. This began as early as 1529 when Zwingli disagreed with Luther on the Lord's Supper. Calvin then agreed with Zwingli and since he was more influential in his writings, churches which followed his theology were called Calvinistic (or Reformed) but did not take Calvin's name as the name of the denomination as Lutherans did. Thus Reformed denominations took on various names, some including the term "Reformed' in a narrower sense, such as the Reformed Church in America, the Gereformeerde Kerken in the Netherlands and the Reformierte Kirche in Germany. In Scotland, however, the Reformed or Calvinistic denomination called itself Presbyterian, after their polity of being ruled by elders or presbyters. So the Presbyterian theology is really Reformed, in the broader use of the term, but the Presbyterian denominations are separate from the Reformed denominations, in the narrower use of the term Reformed. Although the list of churches in this category is primarily Reformed in the narrower sense, the other subcategories use the term in the broader sense.

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American Enterprise Publications
Free-market, Biblically based economics and limited civil government texts.
Calvin Studies Society
Engages in and promotes the study of the thought, life and times of John Calvin.
International Conference of Reformed Churches
A conference of some 22 Reformed denominations around the world held once every four years. The next conference will be held in the Republic of South Africa in 2005.
International Outreach
Writings about hell from 1601 to the present including sermons by Jonathan Edwards.
Presbyterian & Reformed churches
An extensive list of links to denominations, alliances and schools and colleges.
Reformed Blacks of America
RBA's mission is emphasizing the communal and progressive understanding in Reformed Theology from African-Americans by supporting and emphasizing the necessity and growth of the community of Reformed Blacks in America.
Reformed Heritage Church - San Jose, CA
Statements of purpose and belief, audio sermons, directions, worship times, ministries and contact information.
Reformed Christian articles, sermons, poetry, and prose from around the world.
United Reformed News Service
The news service carries news from primarily the conservative wing of the Christian Reformed denomination and independent congregations in the Alliance of Reformed Churches.
Westminster Biblical Missions, Inc.
Committed to planting and multiplying Reformed churches on the foreign field through the biblical education of promising young people in Korea, Pakistan, Hungary, and Mexico.

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