Icons (or ikons) are symbolic pictures, usually depicting Christ, the Virgin Mary, or the saints. They are an important part of Orthodox worship and liturgical life. Icons help us encounter the grandeur of the mysteries of God through our bodily senses. Icons provide beauty in worship, teach theology, present those of the faith to imitate, and are helpful in transforming us. Most important of all, icons help us experience the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. Although the use of icons is misunderstood by some as idolatry, icons are not worshipped. Icons are venerated or paid honorable reverence, as are other objects of the faith, such as the cross. Worship is reserved to God alone. This category provides links to icons and to articles related to icons.

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Aidan Hart Icons
Includes over 200 icons and frescoes by Aidan Hart, plus over 20 articles on iconography and church architecture.
Andrei Rublev Museum
Moscow, Russia; includes a selection of icons from their permanent collection.
Archangel Icons
Traditional byzantine orthodox icons by iconographer Michael Kapeluck.
Art Gallery:Russian icons
A gallery of Russian icons, all thumbnailed and with preview and both high and low res images.
Byzantine Art Icons
Features the work and technique of the studio of Greek iconographers Maria Sigalas-Spanopoulos and Nikolas Spanopoulos.
Byzantine Icons
Icons painted on wood according the ancient byzantine technique, by Maria Elisabeta Bonef.
Carrington Sacred Art
Sacred icon paintings, by artist Kathryn Carrington.
Georgian Iconography
The history of Georgian orthodox crafts, handmade icons and iconography. Present Christian icons in enamel, with embossing, written by modern Georgian iconographers.
Icons made by Camelia Munteanu (Bucharest, Romania).
Iconia Studio
Selection of orthodox icons painted by Daniela Jurescu.
Icons of the Saris Museum at Bardejov
Gallery of various subjects located in Slovakia.
Ikons: Windows into Heaven
Includes the history and development of iconography, details of the craft, examples of icons and other work of Bob Atchison.
Izograph Studio
Icons written by iconographer Xenia Pokrovsky, one of a few people in the former USSR who revived iconography in the late 1960s during the communist reign.
Russian Icons Gallery
Brief history, religious and cultural background, aesthetical analysis,and critiques of Russian Icons. In English and Japanese.
Russian orthodox icons
Virtual gallery of the iconpainter Olga Kuznetsova, from St. Petersburg (Russia).
Seraphic Restorations
Icons written by the hand of iconographer Marek Czarnecki, a student of Russian Orthodox iconographer Ksenia Pokrovsky, who founded the Izograph School in Moscow.
Tatiana Vartanova
Icon artist and restorations. A description of the artist and her work.
Velikiy Novgorod
Features works created in this ancient Russian city.
A Gallery of wall-paintings and icons from Bulgarian authors: Nedyalko Jekov, Yordan Ivanov, Dimitar Peev, Vassil Yanev, Radoslav Hristov.

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