Methodism has at its roots one person whose vision, determination and faith inspired fellow seekers to re-assess their lives and renew their relationship with God. John Wesley (1703-1791) challenged the religious assumptions of his day, urging those to whom he preached to 'trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation' for the assurance that we are all forgiven through Christ. Wesley became a priest in the Church of England, but in 1738 had a spiritual experience that he described as God working in his heart through faith in Christ. He launched a hugely influential preaching ministry and had a flair for organising people into small groups. These he named classes, with locally appointed preachers and leaders, which studied the gospels and prayed together. Wesley's new movement became a separate Church which grew rapidly throughout the 18th century and afterwards. This category is for sites relating to the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

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The Methodist Church of Great Britain
Official web site. Introduction to Methodism, history, explanation of church structure, beliefs. News, British Methodist Conference public statements, contact information, links to other Methodist web sites in Great Britain.
Action for Children
Registered charity that supports and speaks out for the most vulnerable children and young people in the UK. Offers overview, campaigns, how to help, news and resources. Formerly NCH.
All We Can
Methodist Relief and Development. Supports the poorest of the poor in three ways: long term development, humanitarian aid and development education. News, partner stories, resources, giving, schools and contact.
Amelia Trust Farm
Working farm set on a 160 acre lowland site in the middle of the Vale of Glamorgan. Rural setting, which is open for anyone to enjoy and offers educational training and recreational facilities specifically to young people who would be otherwise denied access to them. Overview, facilities and education.
Promotes and supports the use of all creative arts in Christian worship. Offers overview, music, dance and drama, visual arts, writing and community.
BBC - Religions - Christianity: Methodist Church
Profile of the Methodist Church, the fourth largest Christian Church in England: its history and founder John Wesley and its values.
The Bridge Online
New Methodist initiative that seeks to communicate the Christian message through hospitality and in an accessible, relaxed and informal setting. Based in Burbage, Leicestershire.
Fresh Expressions
Church of England and Methodist Church initiative encouraging people hoping to establish new or different forms of church for a changing culture. Overview, directory, news, stories, prayer, training and FAQ.
Methodist Central Hall Westminster
Services, history, work, events and location.
Methodist Conference
Official site for the Methodist Church of Great Britain Annual Conference. Offers overview, venue, timetable, reports and events.
Methodist Diaconal Order
Pastoral and caring order of ministry and a religious order of men and women. Offers an overview, rule of life, challenge and contact.
Methodist Evangelicals Together
Seeks to represent the evangelical point of view in the Methodist Church. Offers overview, membership, events, prayer, executive, magazine and articles.
Methodist Homes
Methodist charity and housing association providing a range of care services for older people around the UK.
Methodist Lectionary (RCL) Index
Index in Biblical order to the readings in the Methodist version of the Revised Common Lectionary.
Methodist Ministers Housing Society
Charitable organisation owning houses in the United Kingdom to provide homes for retired Methodist Ministers, Deacons and Deaconesses. Includes overview, celebrations, history download and donations.
Methodist Peace Fellowship
Association of Methodist pacifists within the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Offers overview and publications.
Methodist Women in Britain
Seeks to resource individual women and women’s groups in a variety of ways. . Background information, projects, events and resources.
Methodists for World Mission
Organisation, based in Stockport, Cheshire, which aims to ‘celebrate diversity and promote mutual partnership’ between Christian people of widely differing cultures from all parts of the world. Aims, activities, articles, membership and feedback.
Nigeria Health Care Project
Wesley Guild charity supporting health care in Nigeria. Overview, projects, visitor's report and how to donate.
Seeks to build an inclusive church and offers support to gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgendered ministers and lay people. Aims, events and contact.
Share Jesus International
Information about this evangelist who works for the Methodist church. Missions, tours, books, radio broadcast details, productions, comment, news and links.
The Wesley Fellowship (UK)
Information of the organisation's activities, based on a common interest in John and Charles Wesley. Events, publications and contact.
Wesley's Chapel & Leysian Mission
The Mother Church of World Methodism. Details of services, sermons, activities, the Museum of Methodism and John Wesley's House.
Woodland Camp
Lists the residential and other facilities available at this Christian centre. Location details and contact information.
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