Find sites with Messianic 'Torah Observant' content that promote Messianic Jewish doctrine, teach Torah Observance, and that Yeshua is the Messiah. Torah Observance would include those teaching Torah from a New Testament interpretation or a Talmud interpretation. This includes Messianic Jewish groups that are Torah Observant and Messianic Israel or Nazarene Israel groups that are Torah Observant. This would also include Torah Observant groups that follow only a portion of the New Testament and believe that Yeshua is the Messiah and are Torah Observant. There is, of course, a close resemblance to mainstream Judaism and that is because the Jews have kept the ways of the Bible for so long. One of the major differences between Messianics and Judaism is the belief in Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah. Also, many Messianics hold the New Testament up to the level of Scripture while many Jews, on the other hand, hold the Talmud (Oral Tradition) up to the level of Scripture.

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Jews for Yeshua
Messianic Jewish, Torah obedient ministry. Includes audios, booklets, Judaica, and links.
Leb Tahor
Study True Thorah and learn who YHWH truly is and who His son is and what this covenant that we have made with YHWH is all about.
Messianic Group
Presents articles and teachings pertaining to HaMashiyach Yeshua. Find Torah readings, free booklet downloads, and a gallery.
Millennium 7000
Presents a Jewish project dedicated to the global preservation and dissemination of Yehovah's Written Torah and the way that it was interpreted by Yeshua ben Yosef and his disciples.
First-century Nazarene Jews of Israel reconstructed in Orthodox Judaism (leader is member on board Orthodox synagogue, Ra'anana, Israel), receptive to non-Jews. Tenakh, Talmud and Matthew only. Salvation by works. Yeshua was human Messiah.
The Observant Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Association
A theologically conservative association of Messianic Jewish rabbis who willingly accept the yoke of Torah upon our lives.
The Remnant Bride
Messianic, Torah teaching, Sacred Name teaching ministry. Includes articles on The Brides of Christ, Bible commentaries and Bible contradictions, Christian head coverings, end time prophecy and the nation of Yahweh. Translated into French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.
The Restoration of Torah
Find out how non-Jewish believers left their Hebraic roots, read an on-line book of the Gospel found in II Samuel. View topics, listen to teachings, or find out why the Torah hasn't been abolished.
Messianic site with Torah-based Studies in the New Testament, a virtual library of articles, and what claims to be the largest online list of Messianic congregations.
Yeshua HaMashiach - Hope for all
Mesianic Jewish ministry presents articles and teachings for a Torah observant lifestyle.
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