Theology is the study of God and the relationship between God and the universe. Lutheran theology, while inheriting the rich tradition of the western Church, has a distinct hermeneutic, or interpretive principle: The doctrine of justification by grace for Christ's sake through faith norms Lutheran understanding of God and God's actions in creation. Formally, Lutheran theology is often divided into four broad disciplines: 1) Exegetical (Biblical) Theology; 2) Systematic Theology; 3) Historical Theology; 4) Practical Theology. These four major categories are represented in the ODP and have been somewhat expanded to expedite searches. Less formally, Lutheran theology often organizes internally along the lines of reactions to current issues, often seen in liberal vs. conservative, traditional vs. modern, or synod vs. synod construction.

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Ask the Pastor Archives
Annotated index of columns on Christianity, faith, and life from a Confessional Lutheran position. Includes counseling, apologetics, and Scripture, also comparisons of Lutheranism and other churches.
Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary: Essays
Collection authored by the faculty of Bethany Lutheran College and the pastors of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
Chemnitz Counterpoint: Orthodox Lutheran Theology and Apologetics
A collection of public domain writings of an historical, biographical, or theological nature. Includes essays, longer works, Church Year calculator, and links.
Confess and Teach for Unity
Works to promote Christian unity by confessing the Biblical doctrine of the Lutheran Book of Concord of 1580. Includes news reports, interactive email discussion lists on theology and home schooling, and one-way mail lists devoted to specific theological topics.
On the Ministry
Charles Porterfield Krauth essay on ministry in the Lutheran Church.
Scholia: A Resource Site
Includes pastoral care information, reading lists, sermon helps, and study material.
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Library: Essays
Compilation of 2,000 indexed essays. Topics include absolution, baptism, Lord's Supper, controverted teachings, fellowship issues.
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