Sites related to Joseph Smith Jr, b. 23 December 1805, d. 27 June 1844. Contrary to opinion, members of the Church do not worship Joseph Smith, nor supplant him into the role of Christ as savior. He was merely a man, but revered as a spiritual giant in his calling as the first president and prophet of the Church. He is often known by the epithets The Prophet or Brother Joseph.
Joseph Smith - Official Church Site
Information about Joseph Smith from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Includes historic sites and helpful resources.
Explanation of the Plat of the City of Zion
Notes by Joseph Smith related to the layout of the City of Zion. These principles would be later applied to the design of many Mormon-founded communities, including Salt Lake City, Utah.
Fulfilled Prophecies of Joseph Smith
From Jeff Lindsay's LDS FAQ. Lengthy quotations and links.
Joseph Smith Daguerreotype
Copy of an image believed to be taken of Joseph Smith during the Nauvoo period. Also includes articles regarding the archeological and forensic research surrounding his death.
Joseph Smith's First Vision Accounts
Answers to questions about the different versions of Joseph Smith's First Vision. Includes many links to other resources.
People in The West: Joseph Smith
Profile of The Prophet from Ken Burns and Steven Ives' PBS documentary, The West.
Prophet Joseph Smith
Information about Joseph's life and times from a variety of sources.
Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith
His personal account of events associated with the restoration. From the Mormon Church's official site.
What Do You Think of Joseph Smith?
Charismatic Baptist Minister turned LDS convert surveys 100 fellow Christians about founder of Mormonism. Urges fair consideration from first-hand sources, especially the Book of Mormon.
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