With a strong background in early Methodism, this church became a denomination in 1968. It was formed from the congregations of the Evangelical United Brethren Church that declined to join in the merger that formed the United Methodist Church. It is grouped into six conferences in the US and has missionaries in other countries. The name is shared with a former group in the history of the current Evangelical Church. The Evangelical United Brethren Church was formed in 1946 by the merger of two groups, one of which was also named the Evangelical Church. This group (originally known as the Evangelical Association) had its roots in the efforts of Jacob Albright, a Lutheran convert to Methodism, who preached among his fellow Pennsylvania Germans in the early 1800s. The related Canadian group (formed of those Evangelical United Brethren churches that declined to join the United Church of Canada in the 1960s) merged with that country's Missionary Church in 1996 to form the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

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The Evangelical Church
Official website for US based church. Beliefs, leaders, missions, conferences, including a list of churches, stewardship, challenge and church planting.
Beartooth Christian Camp
Set in Stillwater County, south-central Montana. Details of summer camping program and Arrowhead Bible College, which offers Biblical studies in a wilderness setting.
Columbus Evangelical Church
Beliefs, worship schedule, events, building campaign, and directions. Located in Columbus, Montana.
Evangelical Church Planting
Outreach of The Evangelical Church, includes vision and values, philosophy, seven step strategy, process, news and articles from "The Evangelical Challenge".
Faith Evangelical Church
Billings, Montana. Programs, ministries and contact.
Pacific Conference
Welcome, calendar, staff, social concerns and a list of the Evangelical Churches covered by this conference in Oregon and Washington.
Valley View Evangelical Church
Clackamas, Oregon. Overview, leaders, children, school, ministries, missionaries and a library.

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