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About Herbert W. Armstrong
Teachings and writings: Incredible Human Potential, United States and Britain in Prophecy, and Mystery of the Ages.
Bethel Church of God
Eugene, Oregon. Doctrinal exegesis of the original Radio Church of God.
Bible Tools
A Bible study site dedicated to assisting individuals with their personal studying through providing reputable Bible resources and study tools.
The British-Israel Church of God
Proving the identity of the British and American people in bible prophecy.
Church of God - Faithful Flock
Modesto, California. Church faithful to the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong.
Church of God - NEO
North East Ohio. Overview, course, lessons, literature, sermons and directions.
Church of God 7th Day - Jerusalem
Headquarters Jerusalem Israel. This online resource defines the doctrine of the church.
Church of God Most High
Extensive studies in the word of God: Sabbaths, Holy Days, pagan holidays and other Christian subjects.
Church of God, The Eternal
Remnant of the Worldwide Church of God. Offers locations, overview, beliefs, articles, sermons, audio and video archives, streamed video and letters.
Church of the Great God
Sabbath-keeping, non-trinitarian church. Locations, overview, news and library.
God's Church, Worldwide
Seeks to continue in the tradition of Herbert W. Armstrong and his original teachings. Overview, articles and pastor's profile. Also in French.
Guardian Ministries
Sermon summaries, announcements and features related to this independent sabbath keeping church, its pastor Dr. David Antion and its outreach ministries.
Herbert W. Armstrong Library and Archives
Church of God articles written by Herbert W. Armstrong plus church history archives.
Hope of Israel Ministries Church of God
Dedicated to keeping the Sabbath and the Holy Days while recognizing that there is only one true God (Yehovah) and His servant Yeshua the Messiah.
The Journal: News of the Churches of God
Seeking to encourage communication among the Sabbatarian Churches of God. Reports, news and events, commentaries on the church and prayer requests.
The Real Truth Magazine
A magazine of The Restored Church of God.
Restored Church of God
Overview, articles, questions and answers, sermons and broadcasts.
Resource dedicated to education about the seventh day sabbath.
The Seven Times Bible Newsletter
Dedicated to Biblical understanding. Offers articles about bible topics of interest to most Christian people.
Tomorrow's World
Living Church of God's weekly telecast and webcast.
Zion Assembly Church of God
Denomination headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee. Leadership, upcoming events, and abstract of faith.

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