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Bible and History
Index to apocalyptic literature, apocryphal, Biblical, ancient near eastern texts, baptism, and church fathers.
Bible Center
Sermons, small group Bible studies, illustrations, and counseling. Affiliated with the Church of Christ.
Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Bible class curriculum that truly studies the Bible. All ages can study the same text at the same time, promoting family Bible study.
Features nondenominational Bible lessons faithful to Scripture only; in-depth studies on translations, authority of the Bible, grace, predestination, baptism, Holy Spirit, and tongues.
Church of Christ Sermon Ring
Church of Christ Sermon Ring which features sermons written by members of the Church of Christ.
Offers Adult and High School level curriculum for download--free. Curriculum written by Bible Faculty at Oklahoma Christian University.
Grace and Truth
Sermons and teaching online (MP3), by video and cassette tape, and radio and tv broadcasting.
Internet Bible Study
An online course of Bible study on the basic level. A primer to God's plan for man's salvation.
Ken Thomas Home Page
A personal web page featuring Biblical articles and Bible questions. Also contains links to other sites in the Philippines due to interest in mission work there.
The Old Paths Bible School
Opportunities for online Bible study and resources for personal Bible study.
Features Bible lessons and Bible questions. Includes quizzes and contact details.
An encyclopedic resource for everything Bible-related.
Truth for the World
Radio and TV programs air worldwide. Free Bible correspondence course. Read articles, tracts and transcripts. Real Audio messages.
What is the meaning and purpose of Baptism?
A walk through the New Testament scriptures on the subject. Upholds the teaching of the Church of Christ.
World Bible School
Free Internet, email, and print studies. Background information, message boards, syllabus, and online application.
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