Information on Sir Thomas More, lawyer, author, and saint.

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Bold Type: Peter Ackroyd
Excerpt from Ackroyd's biography of Sir Thomas More, and an interview of the author.
Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Thomas More
Biographical article on the Lord Chancellor of England, and martyr. Beheaded 1535.
Catholic Online: St. Thomas More
Biographical portrait of the martyr.
CatholicSaints.Info: Thomas More
Illustrated profile, with links. Also a reading from a letter that More wrote to his beloved daughter Margaret while he was in prison.
The History Guide: Sir Thomas More, 1478-1535
Portrait and short biography of the English statesman. Also Erasmus's description.
The Life of Sir Thomas More
By William Roper, More's son-in-law. 117K.
The Life of Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)
Hypertext biography of the Renaissance English author and Catholic martyr. At Luminarium.
Mark P. Shea: St. Thomas More
More is proof that even lawyers can get to heaven.
Muriel Mirak-Wiessbach: St. Thomas More
Speech presented to a Schiller Institute conference. Delves into More's idea of law and his ideal of the king.
Our Patron Saint
Profile of St. Thomas More.
Proclaiming Saint Thomas More Patron of Statesmen and Politicians
Apostolic letter, issued motu proprio, by Pope John Paul II. Includes biographical information on the saint, lauded even in his own lifetime as a model of moral integrity and devotion to justice.
Saint Thomas More, Martyr, Chancellor of England
From the book "Lives of Saints," published by John J. Crawley.
St. Thomas More Catholic Parish: Our Patron, St. Thomas More
Biographical sketch of their patron saint.
The Story of Thomas More
Complete online text of the book by John Farrow. With portrait.
The Trial of Sir Thomas More, 1535
An online account of the trial and execution, from the World Wide Legal Information Association.
University of Surrey Catholic Society: Our Patron, St. Thomas More
Portrait, biographical profile, "Prayer of St. Thomas More," links.
What politicians can learn from Thomas More
Lessons from the life of a sixteenth-century lawyer.
Who2: Sir Thomas More
Biographical profile.

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