Catholic churches and groups--other than the Orthodox and Anglicans--not in communion with Rome.

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Biblical Foundations International
Apostolate of Gerry Matatics, a convert to Catholicism and apologist. Includes biography, upcoming speaking engagements and seminars, occasional editorials and news.
Catholic Links
Helpful for sorting out various catholic churches which are neither Orthodox nor in communion with Rome. Also schismatic and sedevacantist groups. Taxonomy of Eastern and Western Catholic churches.
Catholic Treasures
Searchable catalog of Catholic books, tapes, videos, and software. Showroom in Monrovia, California. Ordering by mail, phone, fax, or online form.
Christ the King Abbey
Independent monastery of traditional Benedictine monks who offer only the true Mass, in Latin. Cullman, Alabama. An introduction to the monastery, schedule, photos.
Franciscan Friars of Rochester, New York
Sedevacantist Franciscans in union with Bishop Louis Vezelis O.F.M., in the Archbishop Thuc line. Latin Tridentine Mass. They reject the false "Vatican II" council and the subsequent false "popes."
Most Holy Family Monastery
Dedicated to promoting the Catholic Faith that never changes. Exposes the Modernist heretics. Questions and answers, heresy of the week, photo galleries.
Our Lady of the Rosary Library
Saints, prayers and devotions, a catechism for adults, Traditionalist Catholic articles on doctrine and current issues, private revelation. Feeneyite. The Masons were behind the New Mass--it is a sacrilege, not Catholic; Jesus condemns it.
Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen
Religious order of priests, Brothers and Sisters dedicated to preserving Catholic liturgy and tradition. Cannot in conscience accept many modern Catholic trends which have been condemned by past popes. Sedevacantist.
Saint Gertrude the Great Roman Catholic Church
West Chester (near Cincinnati), Ohio. Mass times, current bulletin (in PDF), parish history, map and directions, profiles of the clergy.
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
Offers the traditional Latin Mass which was said in every Catholic Church in the world for over 1900 years until John XXIII changed the unchangeable in the 1960s. Staffed by the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. Wayne, Michigan.
Servants of the Holy Family
Catholic community of priests and brothers, accepting vocations, dedicated to the sanctification of its members and the salvation of souls.
Site for traditional Roman Catholics. Liturgical calendar, holy cards to print out, papal photo gallery, file library. Book sales, including a directory of Traditional Latin Masses in the U.S. and Canada.
Traditional Catholic Counter-Revolution
Believes that the Roman Church is in state of collapse and John Paul II has committed heresy. Provides information on these beliefs, the Latin Mass, and the doctrine "no salvation outside the Church."

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