Original documents by Cathars and Catholics. English translations from the Greek, Latin or Occitan.
Anna Comnena on The Bogomils
English translation of Anna Comnena's account of the Bogomils, from the Alexiad, c. 1110
Caesarius of Heisterbach on Medieval Heresies
Annotated English translation of Caesarius of Heisterbach: Medieval Heresies (Dialogue on Miracles V: 20-22) including the words allegedly spoken by Arnaud Amoury: "Kill them all for the Lord knoweth them that are His"
The Cathar Ceremony of the Apparelhamentum
English translation of the Cathar Rite of the Apparelhamentum (General Confession) from the Lyons Ritual.
The Cathar Ceremony of the Consolamentum
English translation of the Cosolamentum, the Cathar rite by which a "believer" became a member of the "Elect". Text taken from the Lyons Ritual and translated by Nancy Stork.
A Cathar Gospel
Annotated English translation of the Book of John the Evangelist, a Bogomil document used by medieval Italian Cathars and seized by the Inquisition.
An English Translation of an Extract from the Chronicle of Ralph, Abbot of Coggershall
Anotated English translation of the abbot's account of the discovery of Cathars in Rheims in the twelfth century.
An English translation of Bernard Gui, Inquisitors Manual, on the Cathars
Anotated English translation of An Extract from Bernard Gui's fourteenth century Inquisitorial Technique, on the Albigensians (Cathars)
Fourth Lateran Council, 1215: Canon 3 on Heresy
Anotated English translation of Canon 3 of the Fourth Lateran Council, 1215, on heresy, including the Cathar heresy.
The Inquisition Record of Jacques Fournier
English translations by Nancy Stork of Inquisition records of the Bishop of Pamiers 1318-1325, including examinations of suspected Cathars.
On the Accusations against the Albigensians
An account from an early thirteenth century Latin chronicle by the Cistercian monk Raynaldus writing against the Albigensians, or Cathars. English translation by Nancy Stork.
The Siege of Toulouse in 1217-18, according to The Chronicle of William of Puylaurens
anotated English translation The Siege of Toulouse in 1217-18, according to The Chronicle of William of Puylaurens
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