Apologetics is the science of the defense and explanation of Christian religion. It is the comprehensive, scientific vindication of the grounds of Christian, Catholic belief, in which the calm, impersonal presentation of underlying principles is of paramount importance, the refutation of objections being added by way of corollary. It addresses itself not to the hostile opponent for the purpose of refutation, but rather to the inquiring mind by way of information. Its aim is to give a scientific presentation of the claims which Christ's revealed religion has on the assent of every rational mind; it seeks to lead the inquirer after truth to recognize, first, the reasonableness and trustworthiness of the Christian revelation as realized in the Catholic Church, and secondly, the corresponding obligation of accepting it. While not compelling faith -- for the certitude it offers is not absolute, but moral -- it shows that the credentials of the Christian religion amply suffice to vindicate the act of faith as a rational act, and to discredit the estrangement of the sceptic and unbeliever as unwarranted and culpable. Its last word is the answer to the question: Why should I be a Catholic? Apologetics thus leads up to Catholic faith, to the acceptance of the Catholic Church as the divinely authorized organ for preserving and rendering efficacious the saving truths revealed by Christ. This is the great fundamental dogma on which all other dogmas rest.

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About Catholics
An overview of the Catholic faith from the perspective of the Roman Catholic Church.
American Catholic Truth Society
Email lists, chat channels, online debates, and debate summaries. A great starting place for the lay-Catholic apologist.
Attempts to clarify teachings and correct mis-perceptions about the only True Church Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter, the Roman Catholic Church.
Catholic Answers
A major Apologetics site. Includes a large number of pamphlet style questions and answers about the Faith, as well as sample articles from the magazine "This Rock" and a RealAudio archive of all of their daily one-hour talkback Catholic radio programs.
Catholic Apologetics Information
Explains and defends the teachings of the Catholic Church. Exposes the errors of Pentecostalism, ecumenism, the Feeneyites, sedevacantism, and Modernism. Many essays in support of the SSPX.
Catholic Bible 101
Explains Biblical Catholicism in an easy to understand, plain spoken manner.
Catholic Biblical Apologetics
A set of lecture notes used since 1985 to teach the basis for key doctrines and dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church.
Catholic Faith and Reason
Lay association in the Kansas City area dedicated to explaining the beauty of the Catholic faith. Essays on the Eucharist, the Holy Spirit, Mary, papal infallibility. Links.
Catholic Information League
Presents information on various topics pertaining to the Catholic Church in an easy to read graphical (tract) format.
The Catholic Legate
Lay apostolate dedicated to defending the Catholic faith. Forces frames.
Catholic Truths
Defending historic Christian faith, answers to common objections, and evidences for Jesus outside of the New Testament.
Christifideles Pizza and Theology Society
Close orthodox Catholic finder, apologetics questions and answers, links. Requires JavaScript. Has popups. Opens new browser windows which remove all controls.
Catholic Evangelization Services. Information on Alpha for Catholics, Jubilee 2000, links.
The Coming Home Network
Offers catechetical and apologetics resources to men and women who are considering becoming Catholic.
Corunum Catholic Apologetic Web Page
Dedicated to the defense of Catholic doctrines within Patristic thought.
The Defender
An education newsletter published ten times per year and provided free to those that want to defend their Catholic faith.
Defending the Bride
Original articles defending and explaining the truths of the Catholic faith.
A Doctrinal Catechism
By Stephen Keenan. 3rd American edition, 1876. Full text of book which refutes the errors of the Protestants and defends the teachings and practices of the Catholic faith. 583K.
Envoy Magazine
Devoted to apologetics, equipping readers to be able to defend and explain their Catholic beliefs and practices to non-Catholics. Edited by apologist and author Patrick Madrid.
Evangelical Catholic Apologetics
Phil Porvaznik. Original apologetics essays, mini-reviews of books.
Fish Eaters
Catholicism 101 and explanations of the truth of Catholicism for non-Catholics.
Good News Ministries
Online teachings and in-parish retreats and missions, covering Church documents, scripture, prayers, lay ministry discernment, Jubilee 2000, outreach, unconditional love and service.
I Am One Truth
Catholic Church presentations, custom pictures and simple bible explanations of the Catholic Faith.
Journey With God
Provides a free e-book with detailed answers to often-asked questions about the Faith.
Explains the Biblical foundation of the Roman Catholic Church in the form of conversion stories and FAQs on Catholic teaching.
Lumen Verum Apologetics
Australian organisation interested in apologetics and catechetics. Offers talks and seminars in the Sydney area. Online magazine, and explanations of Catholic teaching.
Matt's Catholic Apologetics Page
Scriptural and historical evidence for the Catholic faith.
The Nazareth Resource Library
A listing of questions, answers and articles explaining the Catholic faith.
North Forest
Features a Protestant / Catholic debate involving a former Protestant minister who converted to Catholicism.
Our Catholic Faith
Explains and corrects many of the misconceptions about the Catholic Faith.
The Rock of Peter
Addresses three topics for those interested in exploring the Catholic faith: the relationship of faith and reason, the doctrine of justification, and Mary.
Scripture Catholic
Provides citations from the Old and New Testament that explain and defend the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Features essays and articles that present the biblical case for Catholicism.

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