Sites pertaining to the Catholic Apostolic Church and its descendants. Beginning with a prayer group in the home of Henry Drummond, the Catholic Apostolic Church had its greatest success in Germany. Divisions began to occur when the early leaders were dying. Distinctive features of this family of denominations include governance by apostles, premillenarianism, sacraments, the sealing, and belief in a restoration of the gifts of the Spirit.
Apostolic Church of Queensland
Official site of this church body. From the Germanic/Prussian wing of the Catholic Apostolic renewal. History, explanation of their emblem, coming events, church addresses. "Book of Faith" explains beliefs.
Australia District of the New Apostolic Church
Part of New Apostolic Church International. The District covers Australia, New Zealand, part of Papua New Guinea, and several countries in the South Pacific. Map, contacts, congregations, areas of missionary work.
Doctrine of the New Apostolic Church
Overview of the beliefs of this church from an outside source.
A forum for discussing the New Apostolic Church.
New Apostolic Church International
Window to the Apostolic faith in Europe and beyond.
New Apostolic Church of North America
Present in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Bible study, church locator, news, information, and features for every age group. In English, French, and Spanish. May not work in some browsers.
New Apostolic Church Philippines
Part of New Apostolic Church International, served by Canadian missionaries. Has over 1000 local churches. Introduction to the work in the Philippines, how to get in contact, photo gallery, summary of beliefs.
New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge: Catholic Apostolic Church
Three-page article on the history and doctrine of this church. Includes bibliography. Scanner errors make HTML version difficult to read in spots; page images are available in PNG format.
United Apostolic Church Europe
Apostolic communities throughout Europe and internationally. Site in English, German, and Dutch.

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