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Armed Forces Baptist Missions
A fundamental and independent sponsoring agency for worldwide military evangelism. Contains organization information, missionaries, applications, and contacts.
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
Independent missions sending agency. Includes history, beliefs, missionaries, application information, and contact details.
Baptist Church Planters
Organization seeking to plant Baptist churches in North America. Provides purpose and doctrine, history, missionaries, applications, and giving information.
Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI)
Sending agency for Independent Baptist missionaries. History, list of missionaries, application and qualification procedures. Magazine and newsletter.
Baptist Mid-Missions
Sponsoring missionaries worldwide. Admission requirements and opportunities for ministry.
Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples
Missionary sending agency serving the Independent Baptist Church movement in North America. List of missionaries by region.
Independent Baptist Indian Mission, Inc.
Sending agency with focus on Native Americans. Provides missionaries, statement of faith, advisory board members, profile of organization, promotional video, and contact information.
Independent Gospel Missions
Mission sending agency with focus on national pastors and churches. Information on director and doctrine, along with missionaries, projects and contacts.
Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Seeks to assist local independent Baptist churches in support of their missionary families. Includes beliefs, missionary qualifications, and contacts.
Mount Abarim Baptist Mission International
Missionary sending agency, emphasizing church planting. Provides ministries, missionaries, prayer requests, applications, upcoming events, and contacts.
Northwest Baptist Missions
Sending agency focused on church planting in the northwest United States. History, beliefs, missionaries, application details, and contacts.
Points North Baptist Mission
A ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, helping local churches send missionaries to Arctic and Sub-arctic regions of the world.
Taking Necessary Truths International
Organization working to plant Spanish-speaking, fundamental, independent Baptist churches. Includes methods, beliefs, missionary profile, and contacts.
World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions
Missionary sending agency. Describes organization, beliefs, missionaries, projects, and contact information.
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